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Sergey Golubev, 2020.09.01 10:30

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Not sure whether anybody is still reading this, but I post anyway.

I try to use the PCSv9 in my EA, but fail to retrieve the signal, i.e. the "dot" in the chart. This is the code I use to retrieve the signal from PCSv9:
          CopyBuffer(PCS,1,0,2,UpSignal)<=0         ||   // not sure these are the correct numbers
          CopyBuffer(PCS,4,0,2,DnSignal)<=0         ||
and this is the code to create the signal in my EA:
   bool PCS_BuySignal()
   return(UpSignal[0] && UpSignal[0] !=EMPTY_VALUE)  ? true:false;  

I do use the PCSv9 to calculate stop loss values. They are being updated by the PCSv9 and working very well.

Is there something obviously wrong with my code for the Up/Dn signals?
Thanks in advance for any hints.

Sergey Golubev  


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Brainwashing. Trades: manually and using EAs
Brainwashing. Trades: manually and using EAs
  • 2005.10.21
Bruno, Do you have the right version of Brainwashing v0.2? It seems only you have. The version which I uploaded to download area does not work...
Sergey Golubev  


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Something Interesting
Something Interesting
  • 2017.03.06
This is about something interesting which we can find here for MT4 and MT5 on CodeBase, Articles and inside the threads...
Muhammad Syamil Bin Abdullah  

I take a look at brainwashing signal again on some major currency pairs.

The indicators and template setup can download at first page of this thread.

                                                                   EURUSD 15min Chart

                                                                 GBPUSD 15min Chart

                                                                  USDJPY 15min Chart