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How to Start with Metatrader 5

Sergey Golubev, 2020.09.01 10:30

Just to remind -



Not sure whether anybody is still reading this, but I post anyway.

I try to use the PCSv9 in my EA, but fail to retrieve the signal, i.e. the "dot" in the chart. This is the code I use to retrieve the signal from PCSv9:
          CopyBuffer(PCS,1,0,2,UpSignal)<=0         ||   // not sure these are the correct numbers
          CopyBuffer(PCS,4,0,2,DnSignal)<=0         ||
and this is the code to create the signal in my EA:
   bool PCS_BuySignal()
   return(UpSignal[0] && UpSignal[0] !=EMPTY_VALUE)  ? true:false;  

I do use the PCSv9 to calculate stop loss values. They are being updated by the PCSv9 and working very well.

Is there something obviously wrong with my code for the Up/Dn signals?
Thanks in advance for any hints.