Brainwashing: system development


Just to inform that Alex created the Brain washing EA. The second version already. Check in download area.



I have just set up of new EA, with a timeframe H1 on 4 pairs majors.

(Brainwashing v02.mq4 + PriceChannel_Stop_v1.mq4)

If this EA gives us as many results as manually, which profit we will make?



Somebody should test in M15 with the modification given by Alex.Piech.FinGeR .

with calcBackBars = 1 (the signal 100% is 1 Bar back calculate) from indicator

H1 you make 0 and little M15..... make 1



Make sure that you have uploaded right v02. I was some mistake in v02 and Alex uploaded it. The same version.

I am still testing Ishimoku and Mandarine.

May be tomorrow I will try to test it.

Which testing and timeframe?

Sorry I did not follow the discussion.


I post in

Downloads > Expert Advisors - Metatrader 4 > Brainwashing EA

the indicator which we did not use for this EA creating. May be we do not need it I am not sure. Or may be in an other version? Just to avoid losses.

brainwat.gif  23 kb


Version 2 is the better than version 1?

Please check in download area the right version for v02.


Hi Alex,

Have some problems w/Brainwashing v0.2.When it enters in a position soon it is closed ,however the entrance in the market is good.



Yes I have the same problem with version 2.


In the thread Brainwashing EA I posted an other indicator. See attached and image.

On the image b_channel.gif you may see:

- Up Channel (PC Upper line);

- Down Channel (PC Lower);

- Middle Channel.

PC Upper is maximum price for the n periods (PC Lower is the minimum one):

PC Upper = HH(n),

PC Lower = LL(n),

where HH(n) - highest from the all High value (Highest High) for n periods;

LL(n) - Lowest from the all Low value (Lowest Low) for n periods.

Thus, Up Channel (PC Upper line) and Down Channel (PC Lower) are the dynamic line of support and resistance.

So, if we take into account the second indicator we will reduce some losses.


But may be ... we really do not need an other indicator for this EA?

May be.



I have proposal.

See image. It is an other indicator which may work together with this EA. When the price is approached to the high or low lines (support and resistance) of the Price Channel indicator the EA should closed the order.

May you make this improvement?

But on version # 1 please. I am testing # 1 and seems it is very good version (compare with version 2).

brainwat1.gif  11 kb