Brainwashing. Trades: manually and using EAs



Do you have the right version of Brainwashing v0.2?

It seems only you have. The version which I uploaded to download area does not work. Only version #1 is working (I am testing now on m15 timeframe).



I have indeed version 2 in test since yesterday evening. I am surprised by the negative results, I put the report of work to you.

Timeframe H1 with indicators.

Statement 10.21.2005


I am testing the version 1 on m15 with 1 bar setting.

Will post report in the end of the day.


I am continuing testing on demo Brainwashing v0.1 with 4 main pairs, m15, 1 bar (other settings are default).

Good results till now.

Everything is going on and under control.

brainwat.htm  9 kb
brainwat_1.gif  55 kb

Just to let you know what is on

on the battle-front.

Situation is still under controll and better and better.

See image and statement.

It is Brainwashing v0.1 with 4 main pairs, m15, 1 bar (other settings are default).


Hello Newdigital

I thus stop the test of the version 1 which is always into negative.

I go installed version 1 as you but I have a question: what 1 bar ?

Thank you for your answer



You mean that you stoped to test version 2?

Version 1 is more good. As always.

1 bar is CalsBackBars parameter. Set is from 0 to 1.

With 0 parameter you are able to have more profit but the signals (big dots) may be disappeared if 0. On 1 bar the trading signals will not be disappeared because the EA will start to open the order when this EA see the signal on the last bar (1). It means that this EA will start to open when it will see the signal which WAS 1 bar ago let's say.



You mean that you stoped to test version 2?

Yes since yesterday , see my last statement:

Last Statement

I will follow your information, thank you


Well. Look on my final statement for Brainwashing v0.1.

If you know the Brainwashing v0.1 had some bug on exit when the signal was changed. Because of that my statement is not very good one (on jpy and gbp, it means the signal was changed but the EA kept the last orders).

Why final statement?

Because Alex produced an other version Brainwashing #1.mq4 which I will start to test on Monday.

I will use the default settings, my rules and 1 bar everywhere on 4 main pairs m15 and m5 (will try m5 but i am not sure about m5 but will try).

Of course this version of EA is not final one because the EA is trading all the time without any interruption. But I want to ask the people to test as well just to recognize the better condition and so on.

brain_final.htm  11 kb


Thx for this message, i will try this monday too.

Because I think that in the long term that can be a very good EA on a intraday or medium term



Alex said that:


calcCloseDOTBars = 0 all Dots close Order

calcCloseDOTBars = 1 all 100% Dots close Order

Do you understand what does it mean? 0 or 1?

I don't.