Jackson Hole Economic Symposium

United States
USD, US dollar

Jackson Hole Economic Symposium is an annual event arranged and sponsored by the Federal Bank of Kansas City. Symposium participants include representatives of central banks, finance ministers, academics, leading financial market players and economists from around the world. Most of attendees are representatives of central banks. The second largest group comprises academics and Fed officials; other groups include governors of financial institutions and governments. About 120 participants attend the symposium in a typical year.

Questions discussed include long-term economic policy, coordination of central banks' activities, emerging risk and possible response to them, as well as situation in separate countries.

A new symposium topic is selected each year. Attendees are selected depending on the topic. Also, symposium organizers select media representatives to cover the event, based on the requirement of transparency and independence of coverage.

Backstage meetings, general conferences and round table meetings on various subtopics are held during the symposium. Participants' papers are posted online at the time they are presented at the event. Journalists working in Jackson Hole especially appreciate backstage interviews, during which representative of world regulators can share important comments on the current situation.

If individual speeches of the symposium participants contain unexpected rhetoric, such speeches can cause insignificant volatility of world currencies.