Bank of Japan (BoJ) Board Member Harada Speech

JPY, Japanese yen

The Bank of Japan has one Governor, two Deputy Governors, the Members of the Policy Board (six), the Auditors (three or fewer), the Executive Directors (six or fewer), and the Counselors (a few). The Governor, Deputy Governors and Executive Directors are appointed by the Cabinet with the consent of the House of Representatives.

If some hints at tightening the monetary policy by the Bank of Japan are detected in the speech, it may affect JPY positively. Yutaka Harada is a member of the Bank of Japan. His remarks are often cited as showing subtle clues about future monetary policy.

Yutaka Harada is a Japanese economist and a member of the Bank of Japan Policy Committee. Former Professor, Graduate of School of Public Management, Waseda University Economics (Gakushuin University) Doctor (with the research area is economic policy). On March 26, 2015, he became a member of the Bank of Japan Policy Committee, as a successor to Miyazo Ryuzo. Since he is an economist, he has an academic perspective.

Important people tend to avoid making explicit statements as they avoid having a significant impact on the market. The announcement is in Japanese, so the decision on the comment is made by a native Japanese investor.