European Central Bank (ECB) Supervisory Board Member McCaul Speech

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The European Central Bank Supervisory Board Member Elizabeth McCaul Speech can clarify certain aspects of the financial regulation in the eurozone. The speeches of the ECB's officials often contain references to possible future monetary policy objectives, assessments and measures.

The ECB's Supervisory Board, which meets every three weeks, is responsible for the planning and execution of the ECB's supervisory tasks. These tasks include the determination of capital buffers, the granting or withdrawal of banking licenses, the imposition of enforcement measures and sanctions against major banks. The Supervisory Board meets every three weeks to discuss, plan and carry out the bank's supervisory tasks.

The representatives of 19 national competent authorities sit on the Supervisory Board. The ECB also appoints a further four members of the Supervisory Board, among whom is the economist Elizabeth McCaul.

The speech by Elizabeth McCaul, member of the ECB's Supervisory Board, may contain indications of the ECB's objectives and actions, depending on the subject matter and wording. However, her speeches rarely have a direct effect on euro quotes.