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2008.09.05 07:00

Coppock - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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Coppock.mq4 (4.13 KB)view

The indicator is developed on the basis of three movings with the user-defined parameters.

Input Parameters.

extern string  strROC="ROC Period for lookback";
extern int     RPeriod1=80;
extern string  strType1="Moving Average Types" ;
extern string  str10="0 = SMA, 1 = EMA";
extern string  str11="2 = SMMA, 3 = LWMA";
extern int     RMAMode1=0;
extern string  sep0="----------------------------------";
extern int     RPeriod2=10;
extern string  strType2="Moving Average Types" ;
extern string  str20="0 = SMA, 1 = EMA";
extern string  str21="2 = SMMA, 3 = LWMA";
extern int     RMAMode2=0;
extern string  sep1="----------------------------------";
extern string  strMA="MA input parameters";
extern int     MAPeriod=20;
extern string  strType="Moving Average Types" ;
extern string  strm0="0 = SMA, 1 = EMA";
extern string  strm1="2 = SMMA, 3 = LWMA";
extern int     MAType=0;
extern string  sep2="----------------------------------";
extern bool    UsePercent=false;


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