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2008.09.05 07:00
2016.11.22 07:32


The author of the strategy - nY3o. The author of the EA - Юрий (Yuriy).

The latest update of the strategy and the discussion of it is here.

The chart contains the Linear Weighted Movings with the periods of 85 and 75 applied to Low. Also there is the Exponential MA with the period of 5 applied to Close. MACD 15,26,1. (I use MACD_color that colors the bars in different colors like the AO). A trade is opened as soon as the MA5 has crossed both MAs. The cocurrent factor is the presence of the MACD above zero or its growing at an up trade.

Properly, two MAs are necessary for visual trading. The placed TakeProfit is not big, 15-20 points depending on the volatility of the currency. Somebody can say that it is too small, but if you enter the market with a big lot and with several symbols, as well, then it turns out to be good. The StopLoss of 15-20 points is reached rarely.


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Original code:

iTrend iTrend

The iTrend indicator determines the beginning and the end of the trend.

ObjectSquare ObjectSquare

A function for calculation of the area of three objects: a rectangle, ellipse or a triangle.

Spyker Spyker

Indicator Spyker.

Coppock Coppock

Indicator Coppock. The indicator is developed on the basis of three movings with the user-defined parameters.