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2008.09.06 10:36
2014.04.21 14:53
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The indicator is developed in 1994 by Patrick Mulloy. The aim of the development was the reduction of the delay (lag) of the moving average value that is a disadvantage peculiar to the SMA.

During the indicator calculation, the combimation of once and twice smoothed exponential moving avarages gives a less delay than the 12/26-period MACD based of the simple moving averages.

Input Parameters:

extern int PERIOD  =12;


Sgmar Sgmar

Indicator Sgmar.

Coppock Coppock

Indicator Coppock. The indicator is developed on the basis of three movings with the user-defined parameters.

Beginner Alert Beginner Alert

Indicator BeginnerAlert. The code contains a highly detailed description.

WolfWave. WolfWave.

Indicator WolfWave. The code contains a fragmentary description.