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2008.05.15 07:37

RelUpTrLen - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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The indicator represents the ratio between the length (in bars) of the up-trend found by this indicator and the length of barsToProcess (of course, in bars, as well) of the entire range where the indicator is searching for an up-trend. When attaching it to the chart, you should fix the minimum of 0 and the maximum of 1. Immediately after it has been attached to the chart, the indicator shows only one value, which graphically looks as a not really noticeable point. As new bars become available, the indicator chart becomes more visible. To get acquainted with the indicator, you may attach it to a one-minute chart and eye its work for no less than several minutes.

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Original code:

Moving Average Trade System Moving Average Trade System

The strategy is based on Moving Average with the periods of 5/20/40/60.


The indicator shows the trend on a daily chart(2) using indicator ZIGZAG-FRACTALS. It also shows the enter price for HIGH/LOW of the preceding bar on the current timeframe.

RelDownTrLen RelDownTrLen

The indicator displays the ratio between the length of the current down-trend (in bars) and the total length of the period barsToProcess (of course, in bars, as well) where the down-trend is searched for.


Trading strategy named Fx-chaos is the result of integration of Bill Williams' Chaos Theory, A. Elders' trading strategy (triple choice), and Ryan Jones' Fixed Ratio money management method.