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2010.02.15 13:28
2017.05.03 12:21
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Draws 96 line MAs with only 100 lines of code (uses MyBuffer class).

History: The idea is got from Rosh's topic

And the idea in Chinese name, called 'jun xian liu'.(That means "Moving Average Line Flow".) I wanted to simplify the multi-indicator template with a multi-line indicator. But it means many repetitive codes.

Or I need two-dimensional array, one dimensional for time index, another dimensional for MAs[] index. In MQL4, it is impossible. (And MQL4 support only 8 line indicator.) Then we had MetaTrader 5 and MQL5, them support class. And class can hide one dimensional. So I achieved the first version, at (notice: the old class named 'CIndicatorBuffer' conflicts with same name in Indicator.mqh)

Later, a newer version be discussed at (Thank 'Rosh' and 'investeo'!)

And now, the newest version is here.

Input parameters:

Parameters? forget it! It work fine without changing parameters.


TimerClosingPeriod TimerClosingPeriod

The indicator prints the time to close of the current timeframe, if it less than H1, it also prints the time to close of the current hourly bar.

ErrorDescription ErrorDescription

The library contains functions that returns description of runtime error codes and trade server return codes.

sChartsSynchroScroll sChartsSynchroScroll

The script provides a synchronous scrolling for all charts opened in the client terminal.


Here is a simple example that shows how to download page(file) from Internet using the library wininet.dll.