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2011.11.10 12:30

3Parabolic System - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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This indicator generates signals for performing deals using alerts and colored dots on a chart.

This indicator compares the signals of three versions of Parabolic SAR indicator. The versions are set at different timeframes: junior (chart timeframe), middle and senior.

Senior and middle timeframes are searched for Parabolic SAR indicator trend signals, while the junior timeframe is searched for a trend reversal signals.

For example, when parabolics are moving up at senior and middle charts while being lower than the current price and the parabolic has changed its location from "above the price" to "below the price" at the junior chart, then a buy signal is generated. A sell signal is generated the same way.

3Parabolic System

Indicator input parameters:

//| Indicator input parameters                   |
input uint AlertCount=0;          // Number of submitted alerts
input uint SignalBar=1;           // Signal bar index, 0 is a current bar
//---- current timeframe iSAR indicator parameters 
input double Junior_Step=0.02;    // Junior iSAR step
input double Junior_Maximum=0.2;  // Junior iSAR maximum
//---- middle timeframe iSAR indicator parameters 
input ENUM_TIMEFRAMES Middle_TimeFrame=PERIOD_H1; // Middle iSAR chart period
input double Middle_Step=0.02;    // Middle iSAR step
input double Middle_Maximum=0.2;  // Middle iSAR maximum
//---- senior timeframe iSAR indicator parameters
input ENUM_TIMEFRAMES Senior_TimeFrame=PERIOD_H12; // Senior iSAR chart period
input double Senior_Step=0.02;    // Senior iSAR step
input double Senior_Maximum=0.2;  // Senior iSAR maximum

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Original code:

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