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2014.06.02 11:07

MultiHighsLowsSignal - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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The MultiHighsLowsSignal indicator shows information on active trends using the values of seven HighsLowsSignal indicators from different timeframes.

One of the seven indicator lines corresponds to each HighsLowsSignal indicator. The trend direction displayed by the line color corresponds to the direction of the last signal.

Figure 1. The MultiHighsLowsSignal indicator

Figure 1. The MultiHighsLowsSignal indicator

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Original code:

DynamicRS_C DynamicRS_C

A trend indicator of the series of indicators without averaging.

PChannel_System PChannel_System

The indicator implements a breakthrough system using a channel drawn on extrema for a period.

BackgroundCandle_StepMA_Stoch_KV1_HTF BackgroundCandle_StepMA_Stoch_KV1_HTF

The indicator draws candlesticks of a larger timeframe as color filled rectangles in accordance with the values of the StepMA_Stoch_KV1 indicator.

Ticker_FATL Ticker_FATL

The indicator is drawn as a colored cloud between the lines of a fast digital filter and the price.