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2014.01.16 11:36

Pivot_RS_session - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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Real author:

DVYU inc.

The indicator shows Pivot levels and uses a special background color for the session, during which the levels were calculated.

Indicator input parameters:

//| Indicator input parameters                   |
input Hour   StartHour=H08;              // Hour of session start
input Min    StartMinute=M00;            // Minute of session start
input uint   SessionTime=400;            // Session time in minutes
input color  Color_Session = clrPlum;    // Session color
input color  Color_Res = clrBlue;        // Color of resistance
input color  Color_R30 = clrGreen;       // Color of level R30
input color  Color_R20 = clrGreen;       // Color of level R20
input color  Color_R10 = clrGreen;       // Color of level R10
input color    Color_P=clrDarkOrchid;    // Color of level P
input color  Color_S10 = clrRed;         // Color of level S10
input color  Color_S20 = clrRed;         // Color of level S20
input color  Color_S30 = clrRed;         // Color of level S30
input color  Color_Sup = clrMagenta;     // Color of support
input STYLE  Style_Res = SOLID_;         // Support line style
input STYLE  Style_R30 = SOLID_;         // Line style of level R30
input STYLE  Style_R20 = SOLID_;         // Line style of level R20
input STYLE  Style_R10 = SOLID_;         // Line style of level R10
input STYLE    Style_P = DASH_;          // Line style of level P
input STYLE  Style_S10 = SOLID_;         // Line style of level S10
input STYLE  Style_S20 = SOLID_;         // Line style of level S20
input STYLE  Style_S30 = SOLID_;         // Line style of level S30
input STYLE  Style_Sup = SOLID_;         // Resistance line style
input Width  Width_Res = Width_2;        // Width of resistance line
input Width  Width_R30 = Width_1;        // Line width of level R30
input Width  Width_R20 = Width_2;        // Line width of level R20
input Width  Width_R10 = Width_3;        // Line width of level R10
input Width    Width_P = Width_1;        // Line width of level P
input Width  Width_S10 = Width_3;        // Line width of level S10
input Width  Width_S20 = Width_2;        // Line width of level S20
input Width  Width_S30 = Width_1;        // Line width of level S30
input Width  Width_Sup = Width_2;        // Width of support line

This indicator was first implemented in MQL4 and published in the Code Base at on 30.01.2008.

Indicator Pivot_RS_session

Indicator Pivot_RS_session

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Original code:

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