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N- Candles v5 - expert for MetaTrader 5

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2018.01.22 09:56

The Expert Advisor searches for N identical candlesticks in a row. It buys on bullish candlesticks and sells on bearish ones. The account type is taken into account, i.e. whether it is netting or hedging. The CPositionInfo, CTrade, CSymbolInfo and CAccountInfo trade classes are used in the code.

New in version 5: the new "working time" parameter allows setting the trade beginning and end hours. The EA will only trade within "working time" and will do nothing the rest time.

Input Parameters

  • N identical candles which go in a row - the number of identical candlesticks in a row;
  • Lot - position volume;
  • Take Profit
  • Stop Loss
  • Trailing Stop ("0" -> not trailing)
  • Trailing Step (use if Trailing Stop >0)
  • Max positions certain direction (only for hedging) - the maximum number of positions (only for hedging accounts);
  • Max position volume (only for netting) - the maximum volume of a position (only for netting accounts);
  • Use trade hours - enable/disable the time filter;
  • Start hour - trading start hour;
  • End hour - trading end hour.

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Original code:


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