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2017.05.29 13:55

Real author: Andrey Matvievskiy

A simple trend indicator based on the smoothed Average Directional Movement Index. The uptrend is marked by a lime bar, if the plus line of ADX is above its minus line. The bar is red if the position of the lines is the opposite. Thick bar with a growing ADX is an indication of trend strengthening. A thin bar with a falling ADX indicates its weakening.

This indicator was first implemented in MQL4 and published in Code Base at on 22.07.2009.

Fig1. The FILTER_ADX_AM indicator

Fig1. The FILTER_ADX_AM indicator

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Original code:

Background_StreamСCandles_HTF Background_StreamСCandles_HTF

The indicator draws colored candlesticks of a larger timeframe as color filled rectangles using DRAW_FILLING buffers. Rectangles are color filled in accordance with the colors of the StreamСCandles indicator candlesticks, if there are any.

ClosePositionsBySymbol ClosePositionsBySymbol

The script closes all positions of the current symbol.

ThreeCandles_HTF ThreeCandles_HTF

The ThreeCandles indicator with the timeframe selection option available in its input parameters.

ParabolicUsMoving ParabolicUsMoving

A trend indicator based on the intersections of Parabolic Sar and a moving average.