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A stochastic oscillator located directly on the chart. In addition to the stochastic oscillator, a classical MA is applied on the chart, based on which the stochastic oscillator an overbought/oversold levels are calculated.

This indicator was first implemented in MQL4 and published in Code Base at on 30.04.2008.

Figure 1. The OnChart_Stochastic indicator

Figure 1. The OnChart_Stochastic indicator

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Original code:

FX5_SelfAdjustingRSI FX5_SelfAdjustingRSI

The RSI oscillator with the boundaries of the overbought/oversold areas expressed by Bollinger Bands

RSICandle RSICandle

The RSI indicator implemented as a sequence of candlesticks

OnChart_RSI OnChart_RSI

The RSI oscillator located directly on the chart


The oscillator shows the rate of change of the AMA indicator