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The real author:

Gryb Alexander

The Lagrange interpolating polynomial is used to determine the functions by the specified points. In fact, the indicator takes the coordinates of price points between input int ibegin and input int iend (They are drawn by red and blue lines in the chart) and with the help of the Lagrange interpolating polynomial it calculates the coordinates of the next points.


  • iend-ibegin = the degree of the polinomial. That is, if the distance between ibegin and iend is equal to two, then the chart will be a parabola, if the three, it will be hyperbola, etc.

Indicator input parameters:

//|  INDICATOR INPUT PARAMETERS                  |
input uint inumPrognoz=2;  // Number of predicted bars
input uint ibegin=0;       // Starting bar for the analysis
input uint iend=5;         // Last bar for the analysis

This indicator was first implemented in MQL4 and published in Code Base at on 15.11.2008.

Fig.1 The Interpolation indicator

Fig.1 The Interpolation indicator

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Original code:


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