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The trend indicator drawn on the basis of the Bollinger Bands. The indicator is written by the book by J. Bollinger "Bollinger on Bollinger Bands".

The interpretation of the indicator is simple. The indicator histogram displays the position of price in relation to Bollinger Bands. The exit of the indicator line beyond the limits of -25 or +25 means the exit beyond low or upper line of bands respectively.

This indicator was first implemented in MQL4 and published in Code Base on 30.09.2008.

Fig.1 The i-BandsPrice indicator

Fig.1 The i-BandsPrice indicator

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Original code:

Delta ZigZag Delta ZigZag

Delta ZigZag defines the reversal on a minimal height of the swing and also identifies trend on breakthrough of local minimum/maximum levels and colors zigzag sections in current trend color

MATonySignal MATonySignal

The indicator displays trend force and direction

Exp_ColorMomentum_AMA Exp_ColorMomentum_AMA

The Expert Advisor drawn on the basis of the change of direction of the ColorMomentum_AMA indicator.

Renko Renko

The renko (renko) chart in a separate subwindow. No matter on what chart timeframe the indicator is attached, the renko is drawn on close price of М1 timeframe.