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2015.07.30 11:25
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This variant of the Moving Average indicator is calculated based on five moving averages.

All editable variables are implemented as indicator input parameters. However, keep in mind that these variables are interdependent to some extent, so you should adjust them more carefully!

FactorN input variables represent the unit weight of the Moving Average with number N in total indicator value.

The indicator uses the classes of SmoothAlgorithms.mqh library (copy it to <terminal_data_folder>\MQL5\Include). The use of the classes was thoroughly described in the article "Averaging Price Series for Intermediate Calculations Without Using Additional Buffers".

Fig.1. The ColorZerolagX10MA indicator

Fig.1. The ColorZerolagX10MA indicator

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Original code:

ColorZerolagMomentumOSMATrend_x10 ColorZerolagMomentumOSMATrend_x10

The ColorZerolagMomentumOSMATrend_x10 indicator shows the ColorZerolagMomentumOSMA oscillator direction from ten different timeframes.

MultiColorZerolagMomentumOSMATrend_x10 MultiColorZerolagMomentumOSMATrend_x10

The MultiColorZerolagMomentumOSMATrend_x10 indicator shows information on current trends using the ColorZerolagMomentumOSMA indicator direction from ten different timeframes.

ColorJLaguerre_HTF ColorJLaguerre_HTF

The ColorJLaguerre indicator with the timeframe selection option available in the input parameters.

ColorJMomentum_HTF ColorJMomentum_HTF

The ColorJMomentum indicator with the timeframe selection option available in the input parameters.