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The indicator is used as a trader assistant on two Moving Averages and the RSI.

It displays the possible end of the rollback on the day trend. I.e. this arrow indicator gives a signal to make solutions.

This indicator was first implemented in MQL4 and published in Code Base at on 22.06.2009.  

Fig.1 The RSI_MA_LevelSignal indicator

Fig.1 The RSI_MA_LevelSignal indicator 

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ytg_Alert_New_Bar ytg_Alert_New_Bar

The sound signal which triggers that a new bar appeared


The principle of this indicator is based on the RSI oscillator using divergence and convergence

Exp_ColorStepXCCX Exp_ColorStepXCCX

Trading system using the ColorStepXCCX indicator.

ChanellOnParabolic ChanellOnParabolic

The channel drawn on the basis of a parabolic