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This signal arrow indicator uses divergence and convergence between the RSI indicator (close price are used). The RSI indicator is calculated by close price.

This indicator was first implemented in MQL4 and published in Code Base at on 29.06.2009.   

Fig.1 The TANGO indicator

Fig.1 The TANGO indicator


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Trading system using the crossing of the XRVI oscillator with its signal line.

ytg_Change_Price_Percent ytg_Change_Price_Percent

This indicator displays day price change in percentage for four selected financial institutes

ytg_Alert_New_Bar ytg_Alert_New_Bar

The sound signal which triggers that a new bar appeared

RSI_MA_LevelSignal RSI_MA_LevelSignal

The "Trader assistants" series indicator drawn on the basis of two Moving Averages and the RSI