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2015.01.19 14:12

Setting Chart - script for MetaTrader 5

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Published by:
Irwan Adnan
votes: 24

Real author:

MQL doc.

Sometimes we open many chart windows with default setting. Usually we want the charts look as we like, such as to hide grid, using scale, hide OHLC, enable ask price, etc.

This script can do it at once on multi charts. This simple script is based on MQL documentation and can be compiled and use also with MetaTrader 4 (please rename mq5 to mq4 first).

You can also change the input value so you don't have to change it every time using the script.

Input parameters:

Setting Chart

Automatic Posting with WebRequest() Automatic Posting with WebRequest()

An example of posting a message containing an image on the website using the WebRequest() function. This is an example of how to authorize using a login and a password, and to insert an image into a text message.

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The latest version of the TrendSignal indicator. It doesn't repaints and also works well with a template.

Candle Size Info Candle Size Info

The indicator shows information about size of candle in pips and size of the shadow too.

Value Chart Single Value Chart Single

The Math is Same the original Value Chart, but this indicator display only value of close value chart and in a line indicator.