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The Expert Advisor developed by unknown author is rewritten from MQL4 and was originally published here by Collector.

The operation of the Expert Advisor requires the use of the Laguerre indicator. 

How It Works

Laguerre is equal to 0, МА is moving upward, CCI is below the level - a buy signal. Laguerre is equal to 1, МА is moving downward, CCI is above the level - a sell signal.

The lot size for positions to be opened can be fixed or proportional to free margin. In case of losing trades the position volume can be reduced.

A position is closed when Laguerre goes in the opposite direction. A buy position closes at a value greater than 0.9 and a sell position closes at a value less than 0.1.

A Stop Loss and Take Profit can be set for an opening position. Instead of real Stop Loss and Take Profit, positions can be closed upon reaching a set loss or profit.

The image below shows the performance of the Expert Advisor in the strategy tester's visual mode.



  • Lots - Lot; if the value is 0, MaximumRisk value is used.
  • MaximumRisk - Risk (it is used if Lots=0).
  • DecreaseFactor - Lot reduction factor after losing trades. 0 - reduction disabled. The smaller the value, the greater the reduction. Where it is impossible to reduce the lot size, the minimum lot position is opened.
  • StopLoss - Stop Loss in points; 0 - no Stop Loss.
  • TakeProfit - Take Profit in points; 0 - no Take Profit.
  • VirtualSLTP - Stop Loss and Take Profit are not set. Instead, a position is closed upon reaching loss or profit as specified in the StopLoss and TakeProfit parameters.
  • LagGamma - Laguerre indicator parameter.
  • CCIPeriod - CCI period.
  • CCIPrice - CCI price.
  • CCILevel - CCI level.
  • MAPeriod - MA period.
  • MAShift - MA shift.
  • MAMethod - MA method.
  • MAPrice - MA price.
  • Shift - The bar on which the indicator values are checked: 0 - new forming bar, 1 - first completed bar.

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Original code:

SHE_kanskigor SHE_kanskigor

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