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2012.11.21 10:19

This Expert Advisor is rewritten from MQL4 and was originally published here by its author kanskigor.

How It Works

The Expert Advisor determines the direction of the last daily bar at a set time and opens a position in the opposite direction (provided that there is no open position).

The image below shows the performance of the Expert Advisor in the strategy tester's visual mode.



  • Lots - Position volume.
  • Profit - Take Profit in points. 0 - no Take Profit.
  • Stop - Stop Loss in points. 0 - no Stop Loss.
  • Slippage - Permissible slippage in points.
  • Symb - trade symbol. If the value is *, then the chart symbol is used.
  • StartTimeHour - The hour when the position opens.
  • StartTimeMinute - The minute when the position opens.

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Original code:

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