Trading with MarketMeter

15 July 2014, 13:01
Stanislav Korotky
This is an overview of trading opportunities for the past week from 7-th to 11-th July discovered by MarketMeter.

MarketMeter is an indicator which provides signals for trading online. For history analysis there is an accompanying indicator CCFs+, which shows the signals dynamics - how they changed in the past. Both indicators are presented in the screenshot below. The purpose of this post is to help users to understand how to read signals of these indicators and learn by example.

Today we consider how the Forex majors behaved on H1 detail level. Using MarketMeter you can see these signals in the Short-term column.

Almost all of the time, AUD was a good currency to buy against other ones. On the very beginning of July 7-th a "sell GBPAUD" signal is clearly seen. It brought 50o points of profit withing several hours between 4:00 and 14:00 CET.

Just at 14:00 CET a "buy AUDCAD" signal popped up, and yielded 50o points to the end of the day.

The next days AUDNZD was signalled to buy, but the signal strength grew all the way with its maximum at 9:00 CET July 10-th, so trading implied averaging with first enter at 5:00 CET July 8-th and the last one at 10:00 CET July 10-th, which allowed to exit this position with breakeven at 11-th July (using conservative averaging with constant lots; progressive lots would make a profit).

Also on the midnight between 9-th and 10-th July there was a "sell NZDUSD" signal (shown on the screenshot) which brought 25o points profit in 12 hours.

Finally, at 11-th July a "buy EURNZD" signal appeared, but at the end of the day (when the signal strength dropped significantly) price was almost on the opening level so the outcome is 0.
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