GRat IndiTrade: Ichimoku

GRat IndiTrade: Ichimoku

4 February 2023, 10:09
Ivan Titov

GRat IndiTrade example: Ichimoku

Attached are templates with settings for all strategies, described in Learn how to design a trading system by Ichimoku. But unlike the originals, which only display messages on the chart, these strategies can automatically trade in MT5, in MT4 (using GRat_OrderImport (MT4)) and on crypto exchanges (using GRat_BinanceImport or GRat_Crypto). Just install GRat IndiTrade and apply the appropriate template to the desired chart.

Trading Signals


  • Closing price > Senkou Span A and Closing price > Senkou Span B --> buy signal
  • Closing price < Senkou Span A and Closing price < Senkou Span B --> sell signal


  • Senkou Span A > previous Senkou Span A and  Senkou Span A > Senkou Span B --> buy signal
  • Senkou Span A < previous Senkou Span A and  Senkou Span A < Senkou Span B --> sell signal


  • Closing price > Kijun-sen --> buy signal
  • Closing price <  Kijun-sen --> sell signal


  • Tenkan-sen > Kijun-sen --> buy signal
  • Tenkan-sen <  Kijun-sen --> sell signal

There should be only one open position at any time:

Note. To make trading signals stronger you can combine open conditions of any strategies above.

Position Management

Positions are closed at opposite signals:

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