Just revealed, how to determine the reversal point more effectively based on MCS

Just revealed, how to determine the reversal point more effectively based on MCS

11 February 2020, 15:48
Yohana Parmi
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Dear traders,

Today I want to share something new about how to get an effective reversal point.
-- Even short-term traders or scalpers can use it.

>> The most questions asked by students are about reversals, at what price is there a reversal of direction <<

The fact in general, in the beginning they entered the world of forex,
-- the students always use RSI, Bolinger Bands, and so on, until finally to pivot points and Fibonacci to get a reversal.

Unfortunately, the challenges of the methods above are not as easy as imagined.

This is an original technique for getting overbought and oversold (OB/OS)
for trade opportunities based on MCS (Major Curency Strength in A2SR)

  • A2SR - Reversal based on Major Currency Strength (MCS)

    Understanding OB/OS based on MCS --
    is overbought and oversold (OB/OS) on currency :

    1. What is meant by OB / OS based on MCS here is a single currency,
    ---  not a currency pair.

    a single currency -- example:

    For example, when we receive an overbought notification on the Euro (EUR) like this :
    *! A2SR MCS: EUR overbought @ +50% is now entering phase of reversal DOWN (sellback EUR) from current Resistance.

    -- then what happens overbought is the Euro itself.
    -- At this step we don't think about the currency pair first.
    -- the resistance in notification means resistance of the Euro.

    If we choose the EURUSD pair, it will be easy to understand that on the chart we can see :
    -- at that time, EURUSD is going up.
    -- the resistance line is at above the current running price and then place pending order sell-limit there.
    -- because of this: EUR is placed in front of the pair, as main currency on this pair.

    >> How about CAD <<
    *! A2SR MCS: CAD overbought @ +50% is now entering phase of reversal DOWN (sellback CAD) from current Resistance.

    -- then what happens overbought is the Canadian $ itself
    -- the resistance in notification means resistance of the CAD $.

    ++ This notification means that the CAD is overvalued.
    --  In general, the central bank (BoC) will do something, intervene in the market to get stability and balance in relations with other currencies.

    If we choose pair USDCAD, or EURCAD, then likely we need to understand that:
    -- CAD on those pairs is not as main currency pair.
    -- because of the CAD is placed behind the pair.
    -- CAD is overbought means the position of USDCAD and EURCAD is falling because market participants sold off USD and Euro through buying CAD$,
        and their prices (USDCAD, EURCAD) are moving down.
    -- Resistance level of CAD means that we have the opportunity to prepare a support level (buy-limit) for pair: USDCAD and EURCAD,
    --- which is a support level that available below the current running price.

    2. Example how to deal with OB/OS based on MCS.

    Yesterday, on Monday Feb 10, 2020 we got notification for CAD and GBP :

    CAD oversold
    meaning that the CAD currency is falling, means that market participants sold off CAD$ through buying USDCAD, EURCAD ...
    -- and entering the tolerance limit the central bank will usually act and intervene in the market.
    A falling CAD means USDCAD (and EURCAD, xxxCAD) are rising, or CADxxx (eg. CADJPY) is falling,
    Buyback CAD in support means that we are waiting for resistance at the opposite pair with xxxCAD.
    We have an opportunity to place sell-limit on USDCAD at resistance, level at above current running price.
    or prepare buy-limit on CADJPY at support.

    USDCAD - H1 on Monday Feb 10, 2020.

    GBPUSD - H1 on Monday Feb 10, 2020.

    -- This is a leading technique, to get a trading position at the best price.
    -- If people still cannot understand this fact, then trading in forex is very risky for them.
    -- If people don't want to learn deeply how the market actually works, then they better find another job :)
       and stay away from forex.

  • Tuesday, Feb 11, 2020 - Today we got a notification for GBP

    GBP oversold notification is about at the time the GBP is experiencing a decline now.
    A2SR sends a notification that GBP has entered a reversal momentum,
    -- there is a time to buy back GBP.
    -- Understanding : the pair of GBPxxx and xxxGBP is like CADxxx and xxxCAD in the description above, section CAD oversold.

    -- Students choose to Buy GBPUSD from current Support and Sell EURGBP from current Resistance :

    -- They will close positions according to their respective trading style.
    -- I will update this article by following the topic.

Now we are in 2020.
-- Let's use a better way this year.

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