A2SR - Here is the right time for short-term trades (scalping) can begin.

A2SR - Here is the right time for short-term trades (scalping) can begin.

19 May 2019, 11:36
Yohana Parmi

Hello traders,

Scalpers and short-term trader asked me
-- when the right time for short-term trading (scalping) can be started?

I am sure you already know that sideways occur shortly after the price rally is over.
-- Yes. Sideways session occurred just after the price rally was over.

  • When is the good time for short-term trades (scalping) can begin?

  1. Scalping on sideways session

    after price rally has ended.

    The question is: -- when the price rally will end -- ?
    -- In A2SR, here is the several ways to find out that simply.

    Generally, price rally occurs when there is news or speech or comments 
    from someone who is very influential, such as :
    -- the central bank, the president of a country that has a big influence to market, or 
    -- something happens that surprises market players like trade war at this time, etc.

    1.1. Wait for price rally to reach Strong SR -- a level area that close to :
    1.1.1. ADF (Avg. Daily Fall - when price rally down) 
    1.1.2. ADJ (Avg. Daily Jump - when price rally up)
    Actually, I have provided some examples here.
    How about commodity, Gold (XAUUSD) today. 

    Before price fell there, we found ADF at 1275.20
    Actual SR level that close to ADF : 1275.49 (DSR.1) and 1275.46 (Actual level)

    That area is called the strong Support area.
    Why is it called Support?
    -- because the price falls from above.

    Fig.1 - XAUUSD - H1 - fell after break through a strong breakdown

    We can see here, 3 candle of H1 means 3 hours.
    Sideways has lasted 3 hours -- Prices just go up and down there,
    and repeatedly bounce after prices touch the strong Support area.

    Fig.2 - XAUUSD - H1 - after 3 hours

    Sideways within next 5 hours:
    Fig.3 - XAUUSD - H1 - after 5 hours

    A2SR does not lagging nor repaint.
    -- because A2SR is leading technical indicator.
    -- the right tool for SR Strategy.

    So, even though we use a different time frame, then
    -- the strong support area stays in the same place.

    Fig.4 - XAUUSD - M5
    -- in the lower time frame, we can see bullish flag and pennant has started from the bottom price here:

    Scalper can work there :)
    -- by use the technique number 2 below.

  2. Scalping before news

    Generally, prices enter the sideways session when market players
    are still waiting for important news or speech to come.

    2.1. Wait for the first time price hits a fresh SR level,
    - - - because market will usually make a 1st test before break through a level.

    Fig.5 - 1st test a level - H1

    Fig.6 - 1st test a level - M15

  3. Wait for scalping at stronger SR area

    -- The intersection between the trendline that says "Support/Resistance" + SR level is Strong SR

    Fig.7 - 1st test a level - H1

    -- and can be applied to all time frames.

    H4 https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/725203
    H1 https://c.mql5.com/6/816/A2SR_EURUSD_181026.gif
    M15 https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/725203#comment_11238550

Market has a movement in every level of demand (support) and supply (resistance).
That's called SR Strategy. That's all about reversals and breakouts.
People can study SR Strategy from anywhere, even on google :)

And ...

the good news today :

Traders no longer need to manually search and draw SR (including chart breakouts pattern)
-- because A2SR provides the actual SR and complete instruments that needed by traders.

Market in session sideways and rally has a movement for 

1. Reversals at Strong SR 
-- This technique is able to use for any time frame, including lower scale such as M15, M5 and even M1 for scalping.

2. Breakouts on Next Key Breakout/Breakdown 

and price rally at strong Breakout/Breakdown.
example at https://youtu.be/Kd1N-uPxvaY

I will continue writing to more complete the contents of this topic in every chance I have.

Thanks for reading,
wish you all the best this year.

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