Trade plan on Brexit. How impact to GBPUSD EURUSD EURGBP

Trade plan on Brexit. How impact to GBPUSD EURUSD EURGBP

12 August 2018, 14:48
Yohana Parmi

Hello traders.

  • Brexit
    I'm sure you know about this.
    This an extraordinary event, and we certainly think it is very heavy.
    Because all of us love UK and Europe, and to all countries in the world.
    There is not much we can do at this time, but we still hope for good results
    for the government and all the people of England and Europe.
    I really hope God give them all the best, and for sure we pray specifically for that.

  • Impact on foreign exchange
    It will directly affect £ and , and will generally affect other currencies.
    For those of you who are new to forex trading this year,
    it is advisable to avoid trading in that currency.
    Because at any time there can be significant large movements, 
    and can have an impact on your capital.

  • Trade plan for this special event.
    Disclaimer :
    This is my personal view, and - this is not trade recommendations.
    The trade plan can be changed without notice.
    Please do not use until you understand the risk.

    The first falls could reach 1.247x, acting as the first time price correction at level Support The first jump could reach 1.345x, acting as the first time price correction at level Resistance as usual before price go to the real direction, then there will be an attraction between the seller and buyer by market participants. Prices will go up and down with fast movements in that area.
    The 2nd falls could reach 1.223x and 1.213xThe 2nd jump could reach 1.370x and 1.381x 




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Writing is underway, and will be updated every time one stage is completed.

Have a nice weekend.

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