Trade plan: EURAUD. buy at Actual Support

Trade plan: EURAUD. buy at Actual Support

14 October 2017, 21:39
Yohana Parmi

Hello traders,

Here is a trade plan for EURAUD next week.
I prepared Swing trade plan on the Actual Support
that we expected price will bounces fast at that levels. 

This screenshot has many words to explain, and 
people who understand to work with supply and demand would be able to get the benefit on it.

We are recommended to use technique CFK by limit orders to make sure we don't have late position.
Native technique in the markets.This is why Buy-Limit and Sell-Limit are provided in MetaTrader.
Let the market participants to decide price will hit an actual Support there. 


Is an area awaited by market participants, where a price is cheap and 
assessed by market participants are good to be repurchased. 
At certain times where market participants have gathered to buy, 
the price will soon or gradually rise as demand increases. 

Positions above is not trade recommendation.

Trades example by A2SR technique is here.

Trading Planner is also use stop-profit and 
if necessary then Semi Automated EA will set balancing positions for breakeven.
The target and stop-loss is managed automatically by Trades Manager.

I share with you as example how to create a Swing trade plan with A2SR.Description
Download user guide here :

You can also create your own trade plan short-term or swing for any pairs, precious metal, stock, etc.


Why trade plan is required by traders?

  • Prevent the occurrence of psychological problems and panic in viewing the chart,
  • Because the problematic psychology will cause emotional trading and can make a lot of losses.
  • Placement of order position can be in accordance with Market Sentiment and Actual SR which is combined with M/M and R/R rules.
  • Our lives will be normal, have more free time, and not depressed :)
  • and so on.

We don't need to draw anything in chart, because A2SR has a original concept for determining actual SR levels.
We will have plenty of time to review and overview the market and
have enough time to prepare a trade plan before entering daily trading.

I provided a template file for trade plan EURAUD 

Plan your trade, trade your plan

Good luck,
Yohana ✿´‿`)

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