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Copper is a malleable, stretchable metallic element of a reddish-brown color. Copper is referred to as a base metal which is used throughout wiring systems as well as in plumbing and circuit boards as well. In addition to copper wire and copper piping, the reddish-orange metal is used in power generation and transmission, heating and cooling systems, and telecommunications equipment, ensuring that the metal remains a crucial aspect of modern industrial life.

It is the principal alloying metal in some sterling silver and gold alloys. It may also be used on its own, or as a constituent of brass, bronze, gilding metal and many other base metal alloys.

Copper bars are typically minted to high levels of purity and come in varying sizes. Typically, small bars are one ounce in size, but mints also produce copper bullion bars in sizes as large as 10 pounds.

Investors have the option of buying up bars of copper or looking at some of the physically-backed ETPs that are currently on the market in some countries. Moreover, investors also have the option of buying futures contracts of the metal which are extremely liquid. There are a number of ETPs that allow investors to gain exposure to the red metal via futures either in a basket or exclusively. Lastly, investors have the option of buying any number of companies that are focused on the mining of the metal or by looking at an ETF that invests in copper mining companies.