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The Most Active Members Have Been Awarded iPhones!

The Most Active Members Have Been Awarded iPhones!

MetaTrader 5Interviews | 16 July 2012, 10:29
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We have long been planning to encourage the most active participants contributing to the Community development. Therefore, the new rating system has been implemented on the website. Articles, Code Base programs, Service Desk requests - all types of activity increase a user's rating. Thus, the contribution of each Community member has been visualized.

After we decided to reward the most outstanding participants, we have selected the key criteria to determine each participant's contribution to the Community development. As a result, we have the following champions who published the greatest amount of articles on the website - investeo (11 articles) and victorg (10 articles), and who submitted their programs to Code BaseGODZILLA (340 programs), Integer (61 programs) and abolk (21 programs).

The winners have been awarded iPhone 4S touchscreen-based smartphones representing the fifth generation of the device and provided by dual-core chip, iSight camera, HD-Video recording, stunning Retina display, as well as plenty of other features. We sincerely congratulate our winners! Let them tell a bit about themselves.


«My acquaintance with was plain enough. I performed my first deal via MT4 terminal on December 1, 2006. Using the "Help – About..." command of the terminal menu I got to the terminal developers' website and then to MQL4 Forum.

As one popular idiom says, the devil is in the details. It is impossible to understand something without taking a look inside. I was not interested in the automated trading at the time, though I actively traded on the real account manually. So, I visited the Forum rarely (may be, once in a quarter) without registering on it. This forum is a highly specialized one and I am an application programmer by training. I've never had problems in mastering programming languages since the days when programming was studied using machine codes and learning PL/I within a half-year with an exam in the end was a common thing.


Eventually someone mentioned "the fifth forum". I could not understand what he meant for quite a long time, until I finally found the link. It happened in summer 2010. I entered and found the "Jobs" service. Well, I think many of you are familiar with working on the Internet. All that web surfing and other nonsense can turn even the most smooth-tempered people into skeptics. I don't remember why but I decided to try the "Jobs" service. website has documentation on MQL4 language. I registered and spent about a month in a remarkable forum topic devoted to helping the newcomers answering their questions. At that time I received the first job order in the "Jobs" service. I have executed more than 500 job orders since then. Unfortunately, the system of ratings and Top developers was implemented later. Therefore, many of the job orders were executed outside the website service.

In autumn 2010 Rosh created 5 orders for writing articles. I started writing one. It took a good deal of time to finish it and, as a result, the final version consisted of about 100 printed pages and 21 indicators. But the most important thing is that this article systematized my understanding of MQL5 and MQL4 languages.

Thus, I actively visit and examine its materials for 2 years already».


«My first trading terminal was simple enough: the list of symbols, charts, a few indicators. I needed more functional application to perform more in-depth technical analysis. I spent about a year experimenting with such a technical basis.

While searching strategies on the Internet, I came across MetaТrader 4 terminal. I was immediately impressed: what a limited space I had before MetaTrader 4! I just can't describe it in words!


I was able to implement any idea. More importantly, I could ensure stable operation of my idea in real environment because of the reliable connection with a trading server when performing such trading operations as opening, closing or modifying an order. Even though MetaTrader 4 terminal possibilities are virtually unlimited, MetaQuotes has not stopped and developed the new MetaTrader 5 terminal having even more features.

When you develop an Expert Advisor in MQL4, there is a feeling that you build it using blocks, while programming in MQL5 gives you a feeling of using a soft and flexible modelling clay. After familiarizing myself with MetaQuotes terminals, I still tracked the events in the world of trading platforms for some time but finally realized that MetaTrader terminal has no decent competitors. So, MetaTrader is my choice now and forever».


«Actually, the advent of mobile versions of MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 has simplified the very idea of trading for newcomers as much as possible. Now, all you have to do is to get your smartphone out of the pocket, launch the trading terminal and start performing trading operations in financial markets wherever you want - in a traffic jam, at a sports stadium, during a picnic or even while sunbathing on a beach! Wherever there are cellular communications, there is a possibility to do active trading.


I guess, if you start learning MQL5 from the most simple things not trying to complicate tasks too early, you will surely get a thorough understanding of the language. Today has all necessary materials even in much larger quantities than it is needed for the detailed study of MQL5 language of trading strategies».


«Like many of us, I came to from For many years I have regularly followed the publications on though I have not registered on it so far. All that time I was writing various scripts and indicators trying to build a profitable Expert Advisor. I have not managed to find the "Grail" yet but I liked the process of searching information and checking various ideas using MQL. When MetaTrader 5 and appeared, I immediately tried the new language. From that moment all my programming experiments moved to MQL5.


By that time, I already wanted to share some of my ideas (I can't call them definite results). I hoped they could help some of my fellow programmers in their own researches or just add a new idea or may be show some promising direction. Therefore, I registered in and published several indicators. At the same time, I offered for publishing some of my articles. Since then, it has turned into a tradition: if I manage to arrange some of my ideas in the form of an article, I offer it for publication.

It is difficult for me to judge, how useful or interesting my articles are. And I could not even imagine that they will attract so much attention. I am really taken aback by this reward. I am very grateful to MetaQuotes for such a high appreciation of my work. I certainly feel pleased to receive an award from such a large and well-known company. Thank you!»


«After I graduated from the university, I took a daytime job to secure my financial stability as most young people. The job I chose allowed me to travel a lot, therefore I worked in a few countries around Europe and Asia and spent a lot of time in hotels. That is why I had some time to think about my financial future.

Being a computer addict and seeing my peers spending long hours in front of a monitor playing computer games, I thought that this is just a waste of time. Why not try to make the same and earn some cash by playing some other - financial games. Yes, I do think that stock exchanges and forex markets are in fact the biggest multiplayer games in the world. And all guys suck money from each other. I see no harm in this as long as you are aware of that when you begin to play. That is why I decided to pursue trading career.


During my travels I read hundreds of books on trading techniques, trading psychology, markets, economy, forex-for-dummies series, forex magazines. After a few months I prepared a detailed trading plan and started to invest at NewConnect - Polish exchange for startup companies. Little I realised at that time that this kind of market is a special one. The guys that print stocks are the winners. There is no short trading there, and all you need for success is a bunch of traders playing a hot-potato (pump and dump) strategy. I got a tough lesson from my manual trading, threw all long-term investing books to a dust bin and started looking for a good automated trading platform.

MQL5 was just starting to appear and seemed perfect. Object-oriented trading language was just what I needed. I thought that the company developing the product is successful, as their former platform MetaTrader 4 was a great success. Therefore, it was safe to start investing my time in MQL5. And I did not make wrong assumption.

The platform will be a great success. After MetaQuotes introduced "Articles" and "Jobs" sections, I knew that I should try to write some articles. I always learn by doing and this time I learned by teaching. Yes, this is true, I learned a lot while writing the articles!

I am very thankful for the MQL5 community for publishing all the articles and I always like to read what other people have on their mind. Therefore, I am very pleased with the prize for the articles. And my last advice to all people in here - keep reading!»

Take Part in the Life of - That Will Pay Off!

Our winners are not just the most active community members - their activity is beneficial to all traders. It was a matter of honor for us to encourage them. We would like to note that this was not the last distribution of awards on Since the new rating system has been introduced, your participation cannot remain unnoticed, while rewarding the most useful members is about to become a good tradition.

Study the secrets of developing trading robots, delve into various aspects of strategies automation, write articles and create programs for Code Base – all this can eventually result in getting a decent prize!

Your activity on will be rewarded. You have our word!

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Ltd.
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