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AlphaTradeBot Breakout EA II - Mastering Breakout Trading on XAUUSD 5M Chart    Best Set :   LINK Description: Unleash the power of precision with the AlphaTradeBot Breakout EA II, an advanced Expert Advisor meticulously crafted to elevate your Forex trading experience. Developed by seasoned programmers, this EA is your gateway to mastering breakout strategies, especially tailored for the XAUUSD 5-minute chart. Breakout Strategy Mastery: Sophisticated Breakout Analysis: The AlphaTradeBot Breakou
Prometheus Trader
Giordan Cogotti
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Introducing Prometheus Trader, an advanced scalping system meticulously engineered to capitalize on opportunities within the Forex market during periods of low volatility, particularly as a night scalper. Renowned for its precision and strategic acumen, Prometheus Trader operates with surgical precision, exploiting profit potentials that emerge after traditional trading hours. Powered by a sophisticated algorithm, Prometheus Trader conducts in-depth analyses of price movements, drawing insigh
The Goat Scalper
Giordan Cogotti
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The Goat Scalper EA: Your Key to Capitalizing on Market Movements Overview: The Goat is a cutting-edge scalper Expert Advisor (EA) designed to harness significant market movements with precision. Unlike other EAs that rely on risky strategies like hedging, martingale, grid, or arbitrage, The Goat employs breakout strategies based on key supply and demand levels. Key Features: Risk Management: Stop Loss Protection: Every open position is protected by a Stop Loss to minimize potential losses. Tra
Giordan Cogotti
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"With this preset, all the potentials of QuickSilver are exploited simultaneously, EUR-GBP M15 Chart.":   LinkPreset "QuickSilverEA"   is an Expert Advisor (EA) designed specifically for the forex market, tailored to work with the EURGBP currency pair during the overnight session from 22:00 to 05:00 (GMT). The software implements a sophisticated trading strategy based on advanced algorithms and key variables: Multi-Timeframe Analysis:   "QuickSilverEA" conducts comprehensive analysis acr
Snake Eyes Super Scalper the trading revolution Snake Eyes Super Scalper  is a scalper EA, trading strong market movements. The Expert Advisor does not use hedging, martingale, grid, arbitrage, etc. strategies. The basis of the EA strategy lies on the contrarian breakouts of key levels based to MA, FIBO and Volatility  It is important to note that the High Frequency Forex Robot does not trade every day, and it may go a week or more without opening any trades. However, when it does trade, it d