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TriplE StrategY

TriplE StrategY is a fully automatic Expert Advisor Combining Three different strategies from the series of StrategY ONE, StrategY TWO and StrategY THREE using RSI and Unique Price Movement Algorithm I+II+III (UPMA I+II+III).

General Recommendations

  • VPS is a must
  • ECN account with low spreads + low commissions + good quality execution;
  • Capital Requirement
    Minimum: $1,000 / Pair
    Idealy: $3,000 / Pair
  • Recommendation Pairs
    Low risk: There is no such a thing in FOREX
    Moderate Risk: EURUSD, GBPUSD
    High Risk: EURJPY
    Not recommended Pairs: All AUD, CAD, and CHF Related Pairs
  • Timeframe: H1


Section I : General Setting

  • Main Currency
    Ex. if EURUSD please fill EUR or USD
  • Starting Lot Size
  • Lot Multiplier
  • Take Profit (Point)
  • Grid Step
    - Dynamic Grid Step Compound (0 = Defult)
    - Maximum Grid Step
  • Maximum Lot Size
  • Maximum Order
  • Use Equity Stop
    -  Equity Risk in Percent
  • Enable Basket Stop Loss
    - Stop Loss at MaxDD (USD)
    -  Action After SL
    -  Resume in .... (Minutes)
  • Use Trailing Stop
    -  Trailing Start
    -  Trailing Step
  • Use Money Management
  • Slipage for Opening Orders
  • Slippage for Closing Orders
  • Magic Number
  • Personal Comment

Section II : StrategY AdnimstratioN

  • Active StrategY ONE
    - Comment for StrategY ONE
    - Maximum Order for StrategY ONE
    - Active Stop Loss Timer for Strategy ONE
    - Stop Loss Timer (Hr.)
    - Magic Number for StrategY ONE
  • Active StrategY TWO
    - Comment for StrategY TWO
    - Maximum Order for StrategY TWO
    - Active Stop Loss Timer for Strategy TWO
    - Stop Loss Timer (Hr.)
    - Magic Number for StrategY TWO
  • Active StrategY THREE
    - Comment for StrategY THREE
    - Maximum Order for StrategY THREE
    - Active Stop Loss Timer for Strategy THREE
    - Stop Loss Timer (Hr.)
    - Magic Number for StrategY THREE

Section III : Trading Panel Configuration

  • Use Trading Panel (Not Working in BackTesting)
  • Show/Hide Take Profit
    -  Draw TP Line
    -  Strategy ONE HTP Color
  • Draw BreakEven Line
    -  Buy BE Color
    -  Sell BE Color
  • Active No New Basket Mode

Section IV : News Filter

  • Enable news filter
  • News Source
    Please Add - http://ec.forexprostools.com/?columns=exc_currency,exc_importance&importance=1,2,3&calType=week&timeZone=15&lang=1
                     - https://cdn-nfs.faireconomy.media/ff_calendar_thisweek.xml
  • Indent Before News, Minuts
  • Indent After News, Minuts
  • Enable Light News
  • Enable Medium News
  • Enable Hard News
  • Broker GMT
  • Currency to Display the News
    input News Symbol to Stop. Ex. EUR,USD,GBP,JPY (Empty =  Only News in current pair)
  • Draw Lines on the Chart
  • Draw Only the Future of News Line


See .SET file in comments

PM me for free 2 weeks trial version.

Happy Trading!!!

Keine Bewertungen
Version 4.0 2019.06.06
- Add SL Timer for Each StrategY (Hr.)
- Remove Dymanic Grid Step Mulitiplier
- Relocate Comment input
Version 3.0 2019.05.31
-Dynamic Grid Step
- Dynamic Grid Step Multiplier
- Dynamic Grid Step Compound
- Maximum Grid Step
Version 2.0 2019.05.27
- Basket StopLoss Added
- Minor Bugs Fixed