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Price Action Free

This indicator looks for 3 rather strong patterns:

  • Spinning Top pattern
  • Hammer or Hanging Man
  • Inverted Hammer or Shooting Star

These patterns may indicate a trend continuation or its reversal, depending on the location of the patterns.

Input parameters

  • Distance - distance between the signal and the formed signal

Note: the higher the timeframe, the greater the value should be used in Distance to display the signal correctly

Indicator Features

  • Suitable for any currency pair
  • Operating timeframe: the EA works on any timeframe, all periods
  • Calculates a large number of signals in history

Signal Types

  • 1 - Found the Spinning top pattern
  • 2 - Found the Hammer pattern
  • 3 - Found the Inverted Hammer pattern
Nikolay Gaylis
Nikolay Gaylis 2019.01.14 06:04 

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