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TSO Moving Average Slope

The Moving Average Slope (MAS) subtracts the moving average level n-periods ago from the current moving average level. This way, the trend of the moving average can be drawn on the moving average line.


  • Observe uptrends and downtrends at a glance.
  • The indicator is non-repainting.
  • Returns buffer values for the trend of the moving average to be used as part of an EA. (see below)


  • Moving Average Period: The period of the moving average (MA).
  • Slope Period: Number of periods between the current MA level and the previous MA level.
  • Include Last Bar: Include the bar being drawn in the MA calculation.
  • UpTrend: Positive trend colour.
  • DownTrend: Negative trend colour.
  • NonTrend: No trend colour.

For EA Developers

The indicator can be easily used as part of an EA. Buffer for trend type = 3.

  • Buffer value = 0: uptrend
  • Buffer value = 1: downtrend
  • Buffer value = 2: no trend
Shaheen Hassanali
Shaheen Hassanali 2018.12.08 03:25