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[Google Translation]

Trader Trainer is a robot capable of supervising your operations depending on a series of configurable rules.

The configurable rules are:

  • Virtual Initial Capital 
  It allows you to define the amount of capital with which you want to start the training. It must match the capital of the demo account on which the training will be carried out for correct operation.
  • Profit Target 
  You must achieve at least the profit target set to pass the training.
    • Trailing Drawdown
      Your balance can not reach this loss, otherwise you will not pass the training. If you accumulate profits, the level to which your balance can reach will go up in real time, until it reaches the value with which you started the training.

      • Permitted Daily Loss 
        You cannot lose more than the amount set as daily loss.
        • Permitted Weekly Loss 
          You cannot lose more than the amount set as weekly loss.
          • Minimum Days To Operate 
            You must operate at least the number of days configured. For a day to be accounted for, you must open and close at least one operation.
            • Consistency 
              Percentage of maximum profit on the profit target allowed in one day.
              • Closing Operations On Time 
                Operations cannot be left open from one day to the next.
                • Progression Ladder 

                  5 ranges through which the number of contracts that the trader can open at a given moment is limited. If your profits increase, the number of contracts will also increase.

                These rules are basically what funding companies ask to get an account, therefore it is a useful tool to train if you want to get one of these accounts.

                In addition to the control over its operations, the robot offers the possibility of generating a detailed report of how its training has elapsed.

                The generated report will reflect:

                • Training result, whether it has been passed or not
                • Rules
                • Final state of the training
                • History of operations
                • Brief Statistics

                To obtain more information and make it visual, the robot has a series of graphs that will allow the trader to see the evolution of its operations.

                Graphs that are represented are the following:

                • Trailing Max. Drawndown 
                • Balance
                • Target Status Earnings
                • Daily Loss
                • Weekly Loss
                • Consistency

                All the information is stored in a series of text files. These files can be accessed from Metatrader 5 through the option "Open data folder" from the "File" menu. Once the window is open, go to the "MQL5" directory and in "Files". Inside the "Files" directory you will see the "TraderTraining" directory where you will find all the files necessary for the training.

                After pressing the "Finish Training" button, the generated report will be saved with the name "TrainingSummary.csv" in a new directory named "TrainingSummary_[Date]".

                As you will see in the images, the robot consists of a panel where the information of the configured rules is displayed on the left and the training status with respect to the configured parameters is displayed on the right.

                The "Goal Status" will remain red until it is exceeded.

                The "Daily Loss" will be displayed in red if you exceed the daily loss limit.

                The "Weekly Loss" will be displayed in red if you exceed the weekly los limit.

                The "Traded Days" will remain in red as long as the specified number of days is not traded.

                The "Consistency" will remain green as long as the configured "%" is not exceeded.

                The "Closing Of Positions On Time" will remain red as long as the trades are closed on time.

                At the bottom are the graph selector from where you can view the different graphs and the end of training button in case you want to see the evolution or finish it by saving a record.

                Lastly, in the upper right corner is the test status indicator. As long as everything is going well, the button will remain green.

                If any rule is overcome, the button will turn red and by clicking on it a window will appear describing the rule that has not been exceeded.

                Finally, once all the rules have been met, the label "Training Passed!" will be displayed next to the green button.

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                  NewsCatcher Pro opens both pending and market orders based on data from the mql5.com calendar. In live mode, NewsCatcher Pro automatically downloads the calendar, opens orders, trails and closes orders. NewsCatcher Pro can trade any event from the calendar with any symbol available in MetaTrader, including Gold, Oil and cross-rates. To change the default symbol, go to the event view you want to change it for. NewsCatcher Pro uses two strategies: Strategy 1 (pending orders): the advisor opens two
                  125 USD
                  Just $10 for six months!!!. This will draw Order Blocks just by clicking on a candle. It will use the body or the wicks. It can also draw the mean threshold of the candle open/close or high/low. As a drawing tool, it is not active all the time after adding it to the chart. Activate by pressing 'b' twice on the keyboard within a second. If activated but then decided not to draw, deactivate by pressing 'b' once.  Box color depends if candle is above or below current price. Settings/Inputs: Number
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                  Trend trading requires a certain capital threshold, and this EA is used to test the minimum capital required to run trend trading.MT4 version here . how to calculate: for example,the total cash is TC,the current price is A,we buy minimum vol V,the fluctuation is  ATR(global_atr_period)*global_loss_imebut = F,and the price go down after we buy,now is A-F,now the loss is TC*global_risk.the TC is what we want to calculate. Why do we need capital testing? Any trading system has suitable capital capa
                  Tüm Kripto Para Birimleri İçin Binance'de listelenen tüm paralar için sinyaller üretir ve telgraf grubunuza otomatik sinyal mesajları gönderir. Binance spot veya Binance Future'dan sinyaller oluşturabilirsiniz. Anlık verilere dayalı sinyaller üretir. Sinyalleri istediğiniz zaman dilimine göre seçebilir, istediğiniz kriterlere göre kendi sinyallerinizi oluşturabilirsiniz. Piyasa İzleme listesindeki tüm binance sembollerini saniyeler içinde tarar ve ortaya çıkan sinyalleri telegram grub
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                  Go Depth of Market   This product helps to watch the order book in a easily and friendly way, helping traders to take decisions that are more consistent with the timing of the market. Parameters: Activating EA (robot) mode   if you leave true it will become a robot, if you leave false it will become an indicator. Initial volume  VolumeDynamic   if you leave it enabled will be automatic batch Proportion:   Example: If you put 500 every 500 $ it will open a lot of 1.0 Takeprofit Stoploss Daily p
                  200 USD
                  GridMartin Conqueror MT5
                  Konstantin Kulikov
                  5 (4)
                  An automated trading system with smart entry/exit algorithms that uses grid and martingale techniques to maximize profits. The expert has monitoring with a long history for many months, since this system, like all my other experts, is focused on long-term growth: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/author/test-standart The best sets for currency pairs: GBPUSD, GBPCAD, EURJPY (timeframe М1). Download sets in comment #17: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/64329#!tab=comments&page=1&comment=24553
                  197 USD
                  Introduction MT5 ships with the Envelopes indicator. This indicator allows you to create equidistant bands from a moving average by specifying a “deviation.” Unfortunately, the deviation is an arbitrary number. You might determine that 0.220 works well to contain 95% of close prices for USDCHF,H1, but when you change the period to H4, most of the bars are now outside the bands. So, I created this self-tuning indicator. Instead of specifying a percent “deviation,” you specify the percent of bars
                  GMT Offset MT5
                  Iyad Al-Haj Salem
                  3 (1)
                  This script is developed to help traders and users of MT5 to get the UTC/GMT offset. It is easy to use the script. Just attach it to any chart while the MT5 is connected and the market is open and it will show you alert with the GMT offset value. Using this script the users of MT5 can get the value of GMT offset without returning or visiting any web site or doing any calculations. GMT offset is used in a number of EAs and custom indicators.
                  The EA uses a strategy based on the average  price deviation  using the following indicators:  Bollinger Bands, Envelopes and Standard Deviation , as well as  support and Resistance levels  for the best signals.  The first order is opened for price Deviation and subsequent orders are opened from the support and Resistance levels, and trading can be inside the Support and Resistance levels.  The EA uses only the M5 timeframe and trades on most of the major pairs. Attention! This EA is only for "h
                  43 USD
                  The Quick Style utility is designed for facilitation and acceleration of working with the properties of graphical objects. Left-click a graphical object while holding the Shift key to open the quick access window for configuring the object properties. In the window, you can change the color, style and line width with one click, including those of other graphical objects. All changes are displayed immediately. To close the Quick Style , simply click the free space on the chart. The utility is eas
                  The indicator marks supports and resistances of each rebound, also the maximum price and the minimum price of the day. It has a basis for developing strategies, as well as for a good technical analysis. It is very easy to detect trends, channels, trend changes, breaks and other events. It works in any timeframe as in any type of market. No additional parameters are needed.
                  10 USD
                  Patrick Baumgart
                  Artemis is a currency-pair-EA which detects entry points by Moving Average - controlled by multiple trend-following-indicators. With Artemis you can trade every currency pair. Signals are generated when the price crosses the moving average and in parallel all three additional indicators confirm the trend direction. If only one indicator deviates from the trend direction, no position is opened. Basically, you can use Artemis on every time period. For best results it is recommended to use it on ti
                  30 USD
                  The indicator scans for TD Combo signals in multiple timeframes for the all markets filtered and shows the results on Dashboard. Key Features Dashboard can be used for all markets It can scan for signals on MN1, W1, D1, H4, H1, M30, M15 ,M5, M1 timeframes Parameters UseMarketWatch: Set true to copy all symbols available in market watch MarketWatchCount : Set the number of symbols that you want to copy from the market watch list. CustomSymbols: Enter the custom symbols that you want to be availa
                  169 USD
                  Just $10 for six months!!!. This will draw Order Blocks just by clicking on a candle with different colors for different time frames. It will use the body or the wicks. It can also draw the mean threshold of the candle open/close or high/low. As a drawing tool, it is not active all the time after adding it to the chart. Activate by pressing 'b' twice on the keyboard within a second. If activated but then decided not to draw, deactivate by pressing 'b' once.  Box color depends if candle is a
                  30 USD
                  Trend Sign
                  Pavel Gotkevitch
                  4.2 (5)
                  The Trend Sign indicator is a modification of the MACD indicator (Moving Average Convergence Divergence), which allows determining the direction and strength of the trend, as well as a trend change. The indicator is based on two moving averages - fast and slow, and it can work on any timeframe. Uptrends are shown by blue color of the indicator line, downtrends by the red color. Close a short position and open a long one if the line color changes from red to blue. Close a long position and open a
                  Flash Neural Network EA is Expert Advisor based on Neural Network with back propagation learning algorithm. This software can be used on ANY market and on ANY time frame. Every parameter of network is fully configurable. Most complicated and time-consuming part of building successful neural decision model is proper input data preparation. Now everything is fully automated . You need to only pick input symbols, set neural network parameters as number of hidden layer neurons, maximal traini
                  120 USD
                  Esse é um indicador Renko especifico para Bovespa e BMF. Ele irá mostrar os blocos Renko em pontos ou ATR. O bloco será formado de acordo com o tamanho do bloco e do tipo de bloco(PONTOS/ATR). O gráfico será mostrado apenas na janela de indicadores, e NÃO na janela principal do gráfico. Parâmetros do critério para formar os blocos: Pontos - Usará os TickSize para formar o bloco. Em comparação com o Tryd/Profitchart, seria a quantidade R ATR - Usará o indicador ATR, Average True Range. Tamanh
                  35 USD
                  Viacheslav Desenko
                  This a multicurrency indicator for a USD basket: AUDUSD EURUSD GBPUSD  NZDUSD + USDCAD USDCHF USDJPY . The last three pairs are reversed in the indicator, as they are reverse correlated. It implies trading with a highest and a lowest pair (one above all and below all); once they start converging, you should enter a trade. For example, if EURUSD is above and USDCHF is below, then we sell EURUSD and also USDCHF as it is reversed in the indicator.
                  30 USD
                  Tushar Chande Aroon
                  Flavio Jarabeck
                  3.75 (4)
                  The name Aroon means “ Dawn's Early Light ” in Sanskrit. His creator Tushar Chande chose this name because the indicator is designed to catch the beginning of a new trend. At first sight it seems a little confusing all those jagged lines but after you understand the basics of it, you will find this indicator pretty cool and use it in a variety of ways, i.e.: Trigger, Trend Filtering System, and so on. The Aroon indicator was created in 1995 so it is a "modern" indicator compared to the Jurassic
                  This indicator draws strong price levels (price consolidation levels). The levels are plotted using 2 MA indicators and 1 MACD using a complex algorithm. The algorithm used in the EA is also in personal use.  These levels have 4 variants (colors of the variants can be customized): strong up, weak up, strong down, weak down. In turn, a weak level usually appears and then it can become strong. A strong level can also become weak. Version MT4:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/27997/ Versio
                  10 USD
                  NQ Candle Time
                  Luiz Ernesto De Queiroz Costa
                  5 (5)
                  NQ Candle Time indicator for Metatrader 5 shows the time remaining for candle formation. It changes color as the time for candle formation runs out. You can customize colors and position of the timer. You can place it in one of the 4 corners of the chart. This is a preliminary version that will be constantly improved and updated, and is completely free. If you have any suggestions, just get in touch.
                  Exp5 Duplicator
                  Vladislav Andruschenko
                  4.5 (4)
                  Expert Advisor Duplicator   , MetaTrader 5   hesabınızda alım satımları/pozisyonları/sinyalleri önceden belirlenmiş sayıda   tekrarlar   . Manuel olarak veya başka bir Uzman Danışman tarafından açılan tüm fırsatları kopyalar. Sinyallerin lot boyutunu artırmak mümkündür. Sinyalleri kopyalar ve sinyallerden gelen partiyi arttırır! MQL5 Sinyal Lot Artışı Aşağıdaki işlevler desteklenir: kopyalanan işlemler için özel lot, StopLoss kopyalama, TakeProfit, takip eden durdurma kullanımı ve çok daha fazl
                  30 USD
                  This indicator is created by using an exclusive algorithm to indicate you Buy or Sell in an accurate way all the possibles reversals within a normalized trending bands. The main goal for this algorithm is to achieve fast profitable movements and aggressive retracement. Thanks to the normalized bands, using the noises of the market. We have added the "Golden Trade", we define it as the perfect order:   For those orders that had the perfect entry price. They were always in profit, or the final pr
                  59 USD
                  the best interaction and richest functions of the "Copy".   EASY:   easy to use, easy load and select the signal source or receiver FAST:   Fast copy orders, algorithm optimal copying mechanism, priority calculation of new signals, priority queue processing to receive special signals Multiple:   1. Support multiple signals to be sent at the same time, multiple accounts can select multiple accounts to copy at the same time 2. Multi-platform support, MT4 and MT5 are interoperable. Powerful:  
                  68 USD
                  This indicator takes the pulse of current volatility of candles in terms of pips/point. You can select the TimeFrame and the number of candles used in the average measurement. Retail trader usually "leave behind" this concept but one day or another...the market will give the bill.  Why? simple: the volatility is the pulse of the market and also your target and stop loss should be connected with volatility. If you want to work professionaly you can't neglect it. Note: Remember to change the
                  30 USD
                  AW Oscillation Technique EA Grid Expert Advisor-active trading using signals from a set of oscillatory indicators that analyzes current price fluctuations Signals monitoring ->  HERE  / Problem solving ->  HERE  / MT4 version ->  HERE Advantage: Advanced filtering of basket orders, It can be used for independent trading or for tracking orders opened manually, Powerful trading potential and easy setup, Uses averaging, The ability to trade in one or both directions, Automatic calculation of
                  145 USD
                  Trend Monitor for MT5
                  STE S.S.COMPANY
                  4.46 (13)
                  A custom MT5 ( Metatrader 5 ) indicator that analyzes the trend and volatility analyzer indicator.  In addition, It identifies the beginning and the end of the trend that works for most currency pairs and timeframes. LIMITED TIME OFFER   : All our Premium indicators are available for only 50$ and lifetime.   By accessing to our MQL5 Blog, you will find all our free and premium indicators     :   Click Here Key Features of Trend Monitor Identify the beginning and the end of the trend. Identif
                  Dow Jones Top Bottom Trader EA5 has its own unique Breakout strategy . It BUYs when the price is near the top and it  SELLs near the bottom of the previous bar. It uses 2 MACD indicators with the completed different settings to define trend and effectively filter wrong signals. EASY SETUP Symbol: US30 (Dow Jones) Timeframe: H1 Minimum Deposit:  10000 USD for amount 1 lot, 1000 USD for amount 0.1 lot, 100 USD for amount 0.01 lot Setting: Use default setting. SIMPLE but EFFECTIVE Test befo
                  30 USD
                  Tetik zamanında çekilmedi ... Olası bir durum gözlemliyorum, onay arıyorum, başka bir yere bakıyorum ve daha fazlası ... ve ... geç oluyor - alıntı bensiz güçlü bir dürtü ile uçup gidiyor. Sun Hatch "AssistProTrade", hem daha uygun alternatif yönetim yöntemlerini hem de en popüler teknik analiz ve konum izleme yöntemlerini birleştirir. "AssistProTrade", manuel ticaret için güçlü bir araçtır ve birçok ticaret eyleminin gerçekleştirilmesinde yardımcıdır, yerleşik yönetim işlevlerine, teknik analiz
                  1 400 USD
                  Unique "scalping" trend indicator with the feature of multi-layered smoothing of the resulting lines and a wide selection of parameters. It helps determine a probable change in the trend or a correction virtually near the very beginning of the movement. The toggled intersection arrows are fixed and appear at the opening of a new bar, but, with enough experience, it is possible to look for entry opportunities as soon as the indicator lines intersect at the unfinished bar. The signal appearance li
                  30 USD
                  Bu ürünün alıcıları ayrıca şunları satın alabilir
                  KopirMT5 Full
                  Alexandr Gavrilin
                  4.5 (8)
                  KopirMT5 (CopierMT5) - transaction copier for the MetaTrader 5 terminal, copies (synchronizes, duplicates) transactions from  hedge accounts  (copier, copy dealers).  Supports copying: MT5 <-> MT5, MT4 -> MT5 Hedge, MT5 Hedge -> MT4 Does not support copying MT5 Hedging < - > MT5 Netting, MT4 < - > MT5 Netting Attention  : For correct operation, at least two terminals on one PC / VPS are required. The first for the account from which it will copy (Server), and the second for the account to wh
                  100 USD
                  UR Basket MT5   The best you can do is to protect your orders from turning into losses. You can now relax and let UR Basket take care of it. Advantages of using UR Basket: All parameters are dynamically changeable in the graphic panel on your chart - You DON'T need to restart the EA to change the parameters or recall what settings you used! You can track your orders through:  - Magic Number  - EA Comment  - Both of the above  - All of your trades at once UR Basket can track your profits thro
                  155 USD
                  Telegram ChartSnap MT5 is an utility tool to bridge your MetaTrader 5 activities to your Telegram chat/group/channel. It will screen shot your MetaTrader 5 chart and send it to your dedicated Telegram chat/group/channel through a Telegram bot. The whole process will keep repeating based on a time cycle that predetermined by the user. It is a convenient tool for those who like to get access to their favorite system/dashboard that only available at MetaTrader Desktop. Beside that, trader can eas
                  250 USD
                  What Exactly Is A Smart Trading Tool? Smart Trading Tool   was developed for fast and comfortable trading of the financial markets especially for   ORDER BLOCKS TRADERS .   It provides traders functionalities, such as: A Drawing Tool One-Click Trading Panel Automated Lot Sizes Calculation   based on your risk appetite & Money Management ( Watch this video , how this tool can help manage your risk per trade better!) Built in PRICE LEVELS (Fibonacci, Round Numbers, Daily hi-low, etc) Shows Trading
                  125 USD
                  Grid Manual, sipariş ızgarasıyla çalışmak için kullanılan bir ticaret yardımcı programıdır. Yardımcı program evrenseldir, esnek ayarlara ve sezgisel bir arayüze sahiptir. Sadece kayıpların ortalaması yönünde değil, aynı zamanda kazanç artışı yönünde de bir emir ızgarası ile çalışır. Tüccarın bir emir ızgarası oluşturmasına ve eşlik etmesine gerek yoktur, bu yardımcı programı yapacaktır. Emri açmanız yeterlidir ve Grid manual otomatik olarak ona bir emir ızgarası oluşturacak ve kapanana kadar ona
                  100 USD
                  Everything for chart Technical Analysis in one tool Quick tip: Draw your supply demand zone with rectangle and support resistance with trendline and get alerts to mobile phone or email alert Video tutorials and manuals   here .  Find contacts on my   profile . 1.   Extend rectangle and trendline into future -  Trend Support Resistance Object will be extended into future when price will draw new candlesticks on chart. This is rectangle extender or trendline extender 2. Price alert with mobile
                  100 USD
                  Attention: Demo doesn't work in terminal. Active Lines - a powerful professional tool for operations with lines on charts. Active Lines provides a wide range of actions for events when the price crosses lines. For example: notify, open/modify/close a position, place/remove pending orders. With Active Lines you can assign several tasks to one line, for each of which you can set individual trigger conditions, as well as conditions for re-activations and the number of possible activations. Activ
                  120 USD
                  Attention: You can view the program operation in the free version  YuClusters DEMO .  YuClusters is a professional market analysis system. The trader has unique opportunities to analyze the flow of orders, trade volumes, price movements using various charts, profiles, indicators, and graphical objects. YuClusters operates on data based on Time&Sales or ticks information, depending on what is available in the quotes of a financial instrument. YuClusters allows you to build graphs by combining da
                  185 USD
                  Denis Sotnikov
                  5 (1)
                  Эксперт - торговый помощник, созданный по одноимённой торговой стратегии Оракул в сотрудничестве с ее автором Нео. Определяет на графиках в автоматическом режиме разворотные импульсные модели и строит по ним Вилки Нео - авторский инструмент, позволяющий определять циклы движения цены и указывающий на ожидаемую цель TakeProfit . Поиск ведется на всех заданных периодах графиков одновременно с фильтрацией совпадений. Осуществляется фильтрация неверных Вилок с указанием кода ошибки. Утилита имеет
                  299 USD
                  (Kripto Para Birimi Grafikleri) Belirttiğiniz çubuk sayısı kadar geçmişi getirir ve anlık verileri direkt olarak göstermeye başlar. Tüm zaman dilimlerinde çalışma imkanı sağlar. Birden çok sembolle çalışmanıza izin verir. Bu uygulama bir arka plan hizmetidir. Piyasa izleme ekranında "S" ile başlayan tüm sembollerin geçmişini indirir ve kene verilerini gösterir. Binance Spot'un gerçek zamanlı ticaret verilerini otomatik olarak MT5'e aktarır. Programı kullanmak için link
                  100 USD
                  Copier MT5
                  Vladimir Gribachev
                  5 (1)
                  Copier MT5  is the fastest and most reliable copier of transactions between several MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) accounts installed on one computer or VPS server. Transactions are copied from the MASTER account to the SLAVE account, copying occurs due to the exchange of information through a text file with a speed of less than 0.5 sec., The parameter is configured. The transaction copier monitors all changes in the MASTER account with high accuracy, adjusts SL and TP levels, support
                  125 USD
                  提供专业的EA编程服务,推出特色仪表盘EA编程,将您的交易策略自动化,可视化,一个图表管理多个交易货币对,详情查看: http://www.ex4gzs.com  Providing quick Developments and Conversion of MT4/MT5 EAs, Indicators, Scripts, and Tools. If you are looking for an Dashboard EA to turn your trading strategy into auto trading algo and to manage multi trades in one chart with visualizing tool, come and visit http://www.ex4gzs.com/en for more details. 如果产品有任何问题或者您需要在此产品上添加功能,请联系我 Contact/message me if you encounter any issue using the product or need extra featur
                  150 USD
                  AlgoMaster NNFX MT5
                  Manuel Alejandro Cercos Perez
                  Complete and advanced No Nonsense Forex (NNFX) Algorithm Tester. Test your algorithm across all 28 forex pairs considering news, Euro FX Vix (EVZ) and currency exposure; or use it to help you create a whole algorithm from scratch with your favorite indicators. You can read more about how AlgoMaster NNFX works and all of its features in this blog . Features You can try this program in demo across 3 forex pairs.   Demo Version Full Version Forex Pairs EURUSD, GBPCHF and USDCHF All Forex Pai
                  190 USD
                  Strategy Builder offers an incredible amount of functionality. It combines a trade panel with configurable automation (covert indicators into an EA), real-time statistics (profit & draw down) plus automatic optimization of SL, TP/exit, trading hours, indicator inputs. Multiple indicators can be combined into an single alert/trade signal and can include custom indicators, even if just have ex4 file or purchased from Market. The system is easily configured via a CONFIG button and associated pop-u
                  199 USD
                  This service is designed to stream online cryptocurrency quotes   from the Binance exchange to your MetaTrader 5 terminal. You will find it perfectly suitable if you want to see the quotes of cryptocurrencies in real time — in the Market watch window and on the MetaTrader 5 charts. After running the service, you will have fully featured and automatically updated  cryptocurrency charts in your MetaTrader 5. You can apply templates, color schemes, technical indicators and any non-trading tools to
                  199 USD
                  Save time placing orders and automate entry under your conditions.  Managing open trade with TBOM is easy Order box is rectangle which defines market order with entry and stop loss price (virtual market order) Video tutorials and manuals   here . Find contacts on my   profile . Money Management -  Tool will calculate right order size depends on your risk percentage per trade. It will calculate risk reward for every target and position size calculator mt5 Safe Trading -  Your market orders wil
                  118 USD
                  Equity Protection EA MT5
                  5 (1)
                  EQUITY PROTECTION EA -MT5- Account protector to avoid big losses  General Features: Full control over the results of a trading session.- Controls the overall result, for all forex symbols, indices, metals, stocks, etc. Control is done over the global equity.- Close all trades, on all symbols, when reaching a profit or loss rate.- Changeable configurations in both amount and percentages.- Protection of results by trailing stop global.- Record of results achieved for the session (greater equit
                  99.90 USD
                  FiboPlusWave Series products Ready-made trading system based on Elliott waves and Fibonacci retracement levels . It is simple and affordable. Display of the marking of Elliott waves (main or alternative option) on the chart. Construction of horizontal levels, support and resistance lines, a channel. Superposition of Fibonacci levels on waves 1, 3, 5, A Alert system (on-screen, E-Mail, Push notifications).    Features: without delving into the Elliott wave theory, you can immediately open one of
                  360 USD
                  (Kripto Para Birimi Grafikleri) Belirttiğiniz çubuk sayısı kadar geçmişi getirir ve anlık verileri direkt olarak göstermeye başlar. Tüm zaman dilimlerinde çalışma imkanı sağlar. Birden çok sembolle çalışmanıza izin verir. Bu uygulama bir arka plan hizmetidir. Piyasa izleme ekranında "F" ile başlayan tüm sembollerin geçmişini indirir ve kene verilerini gösterir. Binance Vadeli İşlemlerinin gerçek zamanlı ticaret verilerini otomatik olarak MT5'e aktarır. Programı kullanm
                  100 USD
                  Unlimited Trade Copier Pro MT5 is a tool to copy trade remotely between multiple MT4/MT5 accounts at different computers/locations over internet. This is an ideal solution for signal provider, who want to share his trade with the others globally on his own rules. One provider can copy trades to multiple receivers and one receiver can get trade from multiple providers as well. The provider can even set the subscription expiry for each receiver, so that receiver will not be able to receive the sig
                  299 USD
                  Please check the "What's new" tab regularly for a complete and up-to-date list of all improvements + parameters. Take a Break has evolved from a once simple news filter to a full-fledged account protection tool. It pauses any other EA during potentially unfavorable market conditions and will continue trading when the noise is over. Typical use cases: Stop trading during news/high volatility (+ close my trades before). Stop trading when Account Equity, Balance or Margin is low. Only trade on spe
                  70 USD
                  Fiyatın saniyeler içinde değiştiği finansal piyasalarda emirleri vermekte aynı şekilde kolay olması gerektiğini düşünüyor musunuz? Metatrader programında her emir açmak istediğinizde emir fiyatını, zararı durdur emrini, kar al emrini ve işlem hacmini gireceğini pencereyi açmak zorundasınız. Finansal marketlerde işlem yaparken sermaye yönetimi sermayenizi doğru yönetmek için çok önemlidir. Bunun için işlem açmadan önce doğru işlem hacmini hesaplamanız gerekir.  Bu hesaplamaları sizin için yapabil
                  99 USD
                  Döviz Gücü Ticaret Paneli EA MT5 , yeni başlayan veya uzman tüccarlar için yenilikçi bir çözümdür! Fiyat hareketi ile birleştirdiği ve 8 ana para biriminin olağan 28 kombinasyonu dışında herhangi bir sembol/çift üzerine uygulanabildiği için para birimi gücü kavramını tamamen yeni bir seviyeye taşıyor. Bu, tüm para birimleri, emtialar ve kriptolar (endeksler değil) dahil olmak üzere herhangi bir çiftin gücünü veya zayıflığını takas edebileceğiniz anlamına gelir. Herhangi bir çiftin 2 parçasının
                  70 USD
                  The program for copying over the Internet - allows you to copy transactions between different MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 accounts in any direction and quantity as quickly and easily as possible - special optimization allows you to work even on the weakest VPS, and powerful functionality will satisfy the demand of most users. The program is designed to work on "MQL5 VPS", "Windows PC" and "Windows VPS". Any type of copying is available MT4 - MT5 MT4 - MT4 MT5 - MT5 MT5 - MT4 *to copy between d
                  75 USD
                  Trader evolution - A program for money management, technical analysis and counting waves. The panel is designed for trading only on currency pairs and only on dollar accounts. The control panel of the program consists of two tabs between which the user can switch. The first tab "MM" (Money manager) is responsible for money management, and the second "EWA" (Elliott wave analyzer) for counting waves and building technical analysis. Money management (activated by pressing the MM button on the pan
                  189 USD
                  This is a visual strategy builder . The way it is supposed to be. Turn your trading strategies and ideas into Expert Advisors without writing a single line of code. Generate mql source code files with a few clicks and get your fully functional Expert Advisors, which are ready for live execution , strategy tester and cloud optimization . More information about the product, including some real life EAs creation examples can be found in the article: https://www.mql5.com/en/articles/4951 Mission A
                  199 USD
                  This script is designed to download a long history of cryptocurrency quotes from the Binance exchange. You will find it perfectly suitable if you want once to download the history of cryptocurrencies for charts analyzing, collecting statistics or testing trading robots in the MetaTrader 5 strategy tester, or if you need to update the history not very frequently (for example, once a day or once a week). After running the script, you will have fully featured (but not automatically updated) cryptoc
                  99 USD
                  Measures the length of the selected movement in points, shows the duration of the movement, as well as the speed of movement.   Outputs the average value of each dimension. It is designed to calculate the expected target based on typical market movements. The intended goal will provide information about the ratio of the stop size to the possible profit and will allow you not to open positions with a small expected profit. It will also help you determine the point at which it is more logical t
                  95 USD
                  A "convenient" trading panel is characterized by simple steps and rapid operation. One or two clicks can complete a functional operation, saving time and increasing efficiency. The panel is easy to use, simple to set up, not cumbersome, and in line with traders' habits. At the - same time, its compact design, clear at a glance and comprehensive functions, is a powerful tool for manual manipulation! Key features of the panel:     Click "Bid/Ask Price" to switch between points and price input
                  69.99 USD
                  Bu, Trend Line PRO göstergesi için otomatik parametre iyileştiricisidir En sevdiğiniz Trend Line PRO göstergesi için en uygun parametreleri kolayca ve hızlı bir şekilde seçeceksiniz.  Optimizasyon sadece birkaç saniye sürer. İyileştirici, her bir çift ve periyot için en iyi parametreleri bulmanızı sağlar: Amplitude, TP1-TP3, StopLoss ve seçilen tarih bölümünde (Days) Time Filter ve HTF Filter için değerler  Farklı zaman dilimlerini optimize etmek için farklı geçmiş aralıklarına ihtiyacınız va
                  99 USD
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                  This indicator will help you define the entry, stop loss and take profit by means of horizontal lines on a chart. For this purpose, a panel consisting of the following elements is available: Button to show or hide the tool on the chart. A text box to enter the number of contracts to be used for the calculations. A text box to enter the risk/reward ratio you want to work with. Button to send a pending order to the market. How does it work? To start using the tool, the first thing to do is
                  30 USD
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