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Holiday Expert Advisor

Hi Trader

My new expert advisor will trade autonomously and profitability for you. 

The features are:

- You decide to trade long, short, or both ways. Remember both ways is more profitable. 

- You choose your lots’ size. Customize the size to fit your trading volume. 

- You choose the time and date to trade. For example, you can close all of your positions Friday night. 

- The EA is not dumb. 
> in the beginning it opens a long and short position. If the price goes down the EA periodically opens long positions. 

- EMERGENCY STOP: You decide how far the EA is allowed to go below zero. 
- The EA will close all of its positions at 500 EUR/CHF/USD
- Additionally, you can tell the EA to take a break. You decide when it can continue to trade. 

- You decide the intervals the EA uses to open new positions. Longer gaps result in less profit because fewer positions are open. 

- Choose a stable currency pair like EUR/AUD.  The EA can of course run every pair. Stable sidewards motion is most profitable. 

Of course, you can do a backtest. Try it out for some time and check out all of its features. 

For the more cautious ones: use an old computer and let it run for a few days. 
For the less cautious ones: if you are trading higher positions you are running the risk to trigger the stop. Stay near your computer and analyze where you can trade/skalp. 

I am more cautious and trade 0.01 lot. That lets me get through the more tumultuous opening of wall street. But it does a couple of hundred trades a day. If you spot a flag/sidewards trend then you have the best place for the EA. 

Attention: Before you start trading live, test the both options "DISTANCE" and "TP"!! Find a option who makes you feel safe! The standard-Settings are okay, yes. But you need to find your OWN settings. Yes, it need a bit time. Yes, you have to writing down some infos. But this is how it works. You want to be profitable > USE the Roboter, test the Roboter, see the difference between settings. 

Attached you can see some screenshots to see how it works. If you want to know anything else don’t hesitate to ask. 

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