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BeST Vervoort Zero Lagging MAs Strategy MT5

All those involved in trading do certainly know that Moving Average Crossovers for being tradable should be reliable and also they need to have minimal lag.
BeST_Vervoort Zero Lagging MAs Strategy is an outstanding indicator that can help you to achieve it and is based on S.Vervoort's work about Reliable and of Zero Lag MAs Crossovers as described in his TASC_05/2008 article "The Quest For Reliable Crossovers". It's a Multipotentiality Indicator as it can display of either simply the Zero Lagging MAs either up to the corresponding Complete Strategy of Impressive Results while it includes many important features built inside the same tool.

The Indicator comes with a new enhanced Real Time Updated Info and Statistics Panel that can improve its overall performance.

You can Maximize its potentiality by using our FREE OFFER for everyone who purchased the product that is a very useful Multi-Scanner Indicator displaying
% Success Ratio and Profit Factor (P/L) in order to find the most promising trading setups (Symbols and Timeframes).

Advantages of the Indicator
  • Has Clear and Easy trading rules
  • Draws definite Buy/Sell Arrows
  • Draws always only after the bar closing and so is non-repainting and non-backpainting 
  • Displays a real-time updated Info and Statistics Panel
  • Runs in all symbols and timeframes.
  • Has fully customizable colors, sizes & distances of all Chart objects
  • Comes up with sound Metatrader alert, email and push notification
  • Cooperative with Expert Advisor development

Basic Trading Rules

  • Opening a Position

          Enter a trade if % Success Ratio is higher than 45% - 50% and at the same time Profit Factor is more than 1.30 and pips Total Result for the Chart Period                      is only positive enough

  • Closing a Position

          Exit a Long Position (BUY) on a new SELL Signal or using a TP
          Exit a Short Position (SELL) on a new BUY Signal or using a TP 

Input Parameters

Basic Settings

  • LB Period for Basic_TEMA_1
  • Price applied to Basic_TEMA_1
  • LB Period for Zero Lagging haTEMA (Tema based on Heikin Ashi Closes)

Displaying Settings - for selecting which chart objects and features to show/activate (all false by default)

Graphical Settings - for selecting the color, size and distances of drawn objects

Arrows Settings – for  controlling  Entry Signals’ (Arrows) features

Alert Settings - for controlling the use of Entry points MT5 alerts

For EA Developers

  • Buy Arrow     Buffer = 0
  • Sell Arrow     Buffer = 1

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Версия 1.40 2020.08.14
1)Improving internal functions for Vervoort MAs
2)New Info & Statistical Comments Panel
3)Adding internal functions for Entry Signals