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BeST Vervoort Zero Lagging MAs Strategy MT5

All those involved in trading do certainly know that Moving Average Crossovers for being tradable should be reliable and also they need to have minimal lag.
BeST_Vervoort Zero Lagging MAs Strategy is an outstanding indicator that can help you to achieve it and is based on S.Vervoort's work about Reliable and of Zero Lag MAs Crossovers as described in his TASC_05/2008 article "The Quest For Reliable Crossovers". It's a Multipotentiality Indicator as it can display of either simply the Zero Lagging MAs either up to the corresponding Complete Strategy of Impressive Results while it includes many important features built inside the same tool.
The Indicator comes with a new enhanced Real Time Updated Info and Statistics Panel that can improve its overall performance.
You can Maximize its potentiality by using our offer for everyone who purchased the product that is a very useful Multi-Scanner Indicator displaying % Success Ratio and Profit Factor (P/L) in order to find the most promising trading setups (Symbols and Timeframes).

Advantages of the Indicator
  • Has Clear and Easy trading rules
  • Draws definite Buy/Sell Arrows
  • Draws always only after the bar closing and so is non-repainting and non-backpainting 
  • Displays a real-time updated Info and Statistics Panel
  • Runs in all symbols and timeframes.
  • Has fully customizable colors, sizes & distances of all Chart objects
  • Comes up with sound Metatrader alert, email and push notification
  • Cooperative with Expert Advisor development
Basic Trading Rules
    == Opening a Position - Enter a trade if % Success Ratio is higher than 45% - 50% and at the same time Profit Factor is more than 1.30 and pips Total Result for the Chart Period is only positive enough
        == Closing a Position - Exit a Long Position (BUY) on a new SELL Signal or using a TP and Exit a Short Position (SELL) on a new BUY Signal or using a TP

            Input Parameters

            == Basic Settings - for selecting the features of  Basic_TEMA and Zero Lagging haTEMA (Tema based on Heikin Ashi Closes)

              == Displaying Settings - for selecting which chart objects and features to show/activate (all false by default)

              == Graphical Settings - for selecting the color, size and distances of drawn objects

              == Arrows Settings – for  controlling  Entry Signals’ (Arrows) features

              == Alert Settings - for controlling the use of Entry points MT5 alerts

              For EA Developers
              • Buy Arrow     Buffer = 0
              • Sell Arrow     Buffer = 1

              Рекомендуем также
              Технический индикатор Trend Strength Analyzer измеряет отклонение цены инструмента от средних значений за определенный период времени. В основе индикатора лежит сравнительный анализ относительной силы быков и медведей. Если быки преобладают, то наблюдается восходящий тренд. Если медведи сильнее - это нисходящий тренд.     Настройки: Strike Energy (2 сплошные линии) = 14. Influence Power (2 пунктирные линии) = 50. Осциллятор TSA эффективен на активном рынке. Наиболее часто используемыми ин
              Работа эксперта Trendoscope expert основана на сигналах пользовательского индикатора Trendoscope . Точки входа в рынок определяются по значениям индикатора Trendoscope. Закрытие позиции происходит при достижении заданных уровней прибыли и убытка. Входные параметры Period - входной параметр Period индикатора Trendoscope; Mode - режим работы эксперта (0-5); Stop Loss - уровень фиксации убытка в пунктах; Take Profit - уровень фиксации прибыли в пунктах; Fixed Lot - значение фиксированного лота; V
              15 USD
              PZ Hedging EA MT5
              PZ TRADING SLU
              3.67 (3)
              Этот советник превратит ваши убыточные сделки в победителей, используя уникальную несбалансированную стратегию хеджирования. Как только начальная сделка переместится на отрицательную территорию на заранее определенное количество пипсов, включится механизм восстановления: он будет размещать ограниченное количество альтернативных сделок выше и ниже текущей цены, пока все они не будут закрыты с небольшой чистой прибылью. [ Руководство пользователя | Руководство по установке | Руководство по обновле
              299 USD
              Multi Signals MT5
              Balachandran Chandrasekar
              This is a dashboard type indicator which indicates the potential entries for every major and cross pairs. The MT4 version of this product can be bought from the following link  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/63873 It displays a box for every currency pair. Inside that you can find the following details. 1. Currency Pair Name 2. Current Bid Price 3. Buy or Sell entry price 4. The Price to the right of the texts TGT1 and TGT2 mentions the Take Profit levels. 5. The stop loss price also men
              30 USD
              Only 2 copies left. Next price $499. Hedging Pro Ultimate is a combination of hedging, Grid averaging, pyramiding, lot martingale - anti martingale strategies, which aims to enter and exit the market as quickly as possible so as not to be trapped by unexpected market changes. Setfile & explanation: here  | How it works: here Suggested pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURGBP, XAUUSD Expert parameters: 1. Manage Open Positions + Continue New Cycle: If False, EA Will Only Manage The Remaining Open P
              200 USD
              Индикатор PipTick Cumulative Delta отображает общую сумму отдельных значений дельта-объемов. Обеспечивая обзор текущего потока ордеров, он помогает трейдерам принимать решение о направлении торговли. Также можно настроить отображение индикатора в виде свечей или линейного графика. Расчет дельта-объемов основан на индикаторе PipTick Volume Delta. Как известно, рынок форекс децентрализован, и поэтому у нас нет достоверной информации о реальном объеме. Мы также не знаем фактические и исторические з
              67 USD
              Based on two MA line indicators. Looking at the histogram, if the value is greater than 0, the uptrend will increase, the bigger the value, the stronger the uptrend will be and vice versa, if the value is less than 0, the downtrend will decrease, the smaller the value, the stronger the downtrend . The necessary condition when entering a buy order is that the first histogram is greater than 0 and the current candle is closed, and enter the order when the second histogram appears. The necessary
              Half Trend TPSL Buy Sell Indicator calculates the open and close of the price bars over the selected period of time and applies its own  calculation method to find an average line of the price movement.  ATR based Take Profit and Stop Loss ATR is a measure of volatility over a specified period of time. The most common length is 14, which is also a common length for oscillators, such as the relative strength index (RSI) and stochastics. A higher ATR indicates a more volatile market, while a lowe
              40 USD
              Audible order flow, we can set a different tone for up to 12 buy order sizes and 12 other sizes for sell orders. Up to 84 musical notes are available, ie 7 octaves. The default settings have been tested in the Forex (EURUSD, GBPUSD, XAUUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF and USDMXN) and Brazilian futures (WDOFUT, DOLFUT, WINFUT and INDFUT). This tool was inspired by an interview with a visually impaired trader, as there are no tools for this type of trader and I decided to make it available for free, so
              FXC iRSI-DivergencE MT5 Indicator This is an advanced RSI indicator that finds trend-turn divergences on the current symbol. The indicator detects divergence between the RSI and the price movements as a strong trend-turn pattern. Main features: Advanced divergence settings Price based on Close, Open or High/Low prices Give Buy/Sell open signals PUSH notifications E-mail sending Pop-up alert Customizeable Information panel Input parameters: RSI Period: The Period size of the RSI indicator. R
              69 USD
              Apollo 2 The wall  It is an advanced trading system. This is a fully automatic Expert Advisor, which allows you to presize the trade according to the preferences of the trader. Apollo 2 have more customization options for your trade. Different options for different styles of trade.  Apollo 2 the wall  is a break system of trade with different algorithm of trade mode.  This EA using signals to place orders.  Is a revolution in the  customization of the trading. The algorithms developed for the id
              30 USD
              Это полностью автоматизированная система, отслеживающая тренд и уровни. Возникли вопросы или предложения по улучшению ? - Свяжитесь со мной! О стратегии: Для каждого трейдера: эта торговая система подходит как для опытных трейдеров, так и для новичков. 100% тест качества: стресс-тестирование со 100% тиковыми данными с переменным спредом Рекомендации: Валюта: любая. По умолчанию - USDCHF Таймфрейм: любой. Минимальный остаток на счете: 200 $. Брокер:  Любой. Тип счета MT5: хеджировани
              190 USD
              An anchored Vwap With Arrows is an indicator that includes a moving average weighted by volume that allows you to plot on a bottom or a top. Usually banks and institutions measure an average price, this average price is a price range where they agree to make a trade. Using the logic of anchored vwap with arrows it is possible to understand that if the price breaks the vwap it means that someone with enough buying and selling power has lost control. You can use vwap anchored with arrows in any ti
              40 USD
              Vasiliy Klimenko
              Pilot - это торговый робот для терминала MetaTrader 5, от компании Welcome to Profit, совмещающий в себе тонко подобранные методы технического анализа и управляющий искусственный интеллект. В основу разработанной системы положены модели нейронных сетей , обеспечивающие возможность самостоятельного выбора системой решающих правил. Торговая система в данном случае представляет не набор жестких правил, а методику анализа входных данных (временных рядов цен и объемов) с целью выявления закономерност
              100 USD
              Highly configurable Stochastic indicator. Features: Alert functions.  Multi timeframe ability (lower and higher TF also).  Color customization.  Linear interpolation and histogram mode options.  Works on strategy tester in multi timeframe mode (at weekend without ticks also).  Adjustable Levels.  Parameters: Stochastic Timeframe:  You can set the lower/higher timeframes for Stochastic. Bar Shift for Lower Timeframe:  Shift left or right the lower timeframe's candle. Stochastic K Period,  Stoc
              For those who appreciate Richard Wyckoff approach for reading the markets, we at Minions Labs designed a tool derived - yes, derived, we put our own vision and sauce into this indicator - which we called Waves PRO . This indicator provides a ZigZag controlled by the market volatility (ATR) to build its legs, AND on each ZigZag leg, we present the vital data statistics about it. Simple and objective. This indicator is also derived from the great book called " The Secret Science of Price and Volum
              79 USD
              This is a moving average crossover using Average Directional Index Vidya Moving average. It can change colour on slope or on the crossover. Use the crossover as signals for entering a trade in the long or short direction. Parameters: Parameter  Default value  Options  Fast ADXVMA period   14  Any number of bars Fast ADXVMA price method     Close  Open, Close, High, Low, Median, Typical, Weighted  Slow ADXVMA period   21  Any number of bars Slow  ADXVMA price method     Close   Open, Close, High,
              30 USD
              ADX by AV
              Alexey Viktorov
              4.14 (7)
              Своеобразное представление индикатора Average Directional Movement Index. Индикатор написан по просьбе трейдера и для освоения программирования индикаторов на языке программирования mql5. Линия показывает то же самое, что и стандартный индикатор Индекс Среднего Направления Движения (Average Directional Movement Index, ADX); Гистограмма вверх показывает разницу +DI и -DI, когда +DI выше -DI; Гистограмма вниз показывает разницу +DI и -DI, когда +DI ниже -DI.
              Raptor Breakout
              Remy Aime Rene Louat
              3.33 (3)
              Special 25 % discount : 299 USD instead of 399 USD only for today Raptor is a very smart trading robot finding for you key levels of the most traded pair at forex : EURUSD 1 trade at a time with fixed risk (default 3 % of your balance per trade).  97 % winning trades with 3,43 profit factor No martingale, "smart recovery", averaging, grid. Those methods kill traders ‍️ Backtest analysis : Professionnal risk management is the key : you can choose a percentage of your balance yo
              299 USD
              Pablo Jaguanharo Carvalho Pinheiro
              This expert advisor was made by Pablo Maruk with Top Wave Trading @TOPWAVETRADING is a day trading company, we provide courses and mql5 solutions. This expert advisor works on price volatility, it scans the market every single tick trying to find great opportunities for day trading. it has alarms, analisys and much more to provide great trades for you, give it a try.
              40 USD
              ENS Pilot
              Vasiliy Klimenko
              ENS Pilot - это еще одна версия торгового робота от компании "Welcome to profit" для MetaTrader 5, который совмещает в себе тонко подобранные методы технического анализа и управляющий искусственный интеллект. В основу разработанной системы положены более сложные модели нейронных сетей , объединенные в ансамбль , что позволило создать систему, основанную на принятии группового итогового решения, и что примечательно, это привело к значительным изменениям в качестве прогнозов в сравнении с аналогич
              60 USD
              Lusaka mt5
              Mikhail Mitin
              4 (3)
              Основное: Не мартингейл, не сеточник; Работает на всех парах;  Сигналы: В основе хороший рациональный алгоритм. Работа по взаимодействию двух индикаторов: Envelopes и Moving Average (можно задавать отдельный Timeframe для каждого индикатора) Stop Loss/Take Profit: Присутствует хорошая система money management (есть несколько вариантов trailing stop loss); Присутствуют виртуальные уровни Stop Loss/Take Profit Возможность работать фиксированным лотом, либо "умным" лотом (процент риска от капи
              DYJ TRADINGVIEW is a multi indicator rating system, using the rating signals counts and analysis tools to find entry opportunities in global markets DYJ TRADINGVIEW has 10 built-in indicators for market analysis. Indicator-based analysis is used by many traders to help them make decisions on what trades to take and where to enter and exit them.  We use several different types that can complement each other well. Use us to follow your market, You can find more accurate transactions. The trend ind
              325 USD
              Советник оптимизирован для 5 валютных пар EURUSD, AUDUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF и USDCAD. В качестве точек входа используются сочетания сигналов индикатора MACD и AMA . Советник может работать по пяти валютным парам на одном графике. Торговля возможна как фиксированным лотом, так и с фиксированным риском. Советник поддерживает брокеров с 4 и 5-значными котировками. Для эффективной работы советника используйте только период M15. Входные параметры: EURUSD - позволяет включить (true) или выключить (false)
              450 USD
              HAWA GOLD MT5 Advanced trading indicator with realistic pre-defined entry and exit levels with almost 80% win rate.  The system focuses only  Small and Steady Profits . It uses fixed stop loss for every signal to keep money management in place.  As compare to other available indicators in market, HAWA gold has unique feature of displaying total profit and loss in terms of points where 1PIP=10points and Minimum profit is 10 pips. Its smart and advanced algorithm detects trend and trend strengt
              65 USD
              Limited special price NOW ! Features [ Easy, Safe and Profitable. ] 20 Years passed (2000-2019) on MetaQuotes-Demo server.  (USDJPY 1:50   10,000 USD  ->  767,994 USD) No input variables needed. Fully automatic trading (opening and closing positions with profitable price). Notice USDJPY Only Minimum deposit : 8,000 USD  (Recommended : 10,000 or higher) Minimum leverage : 50 * Please DO NOT WITHDRAW or trade manually when positions are already open by Elephant Strategy. * Be patient wit
              45 USD
              Fire Power EA created based on 9 strategies on EURUSD  , GBPUSD  , USDCAD  , AUDCAD . also optimizable for other currency pairs.   No hiding indicators. so can see all used indicators.   No strange Inputs .    contains 2 great special trailing stop loss   contain recovery system.   low price . so customers can afford it.   Spread protection. max spread input.                                                                                       **** monitoring :   https://www.mql5.com/en/s
              299 USD
              ThreeZones отображает время и сессии в трех временных зонах при помощи цветных прямоугольников. (Расширенная версия моего продукта ThreeClocksMT5 ). Использование В верхнем левом углу графика ThreeZones располагаются три надписи. Надпись 1 слева, надпись 2 в центре, надпись 3 справа. По умолчанию надпись 1 отображает JST (UTC+8) (японское поясное время), надпись 2 отображает GMT (UTC+0, летнее время) (время по Гринвичу), надпись 3 отображает нью-йоркское время (UTC-5, летнее время). Слева от к
              Description : Combination MT5 is a professional indicator based on the Stochastic Oscillator and Average True Range (ATR) technical indicators, thus, you can use it with any currency pair and any timeframe.Trade signals from Combination MT5 are drawn on the main chart in the form of arrows. When a blue arrow appears, then this is a signal to buy, when the red one appears then this is a signal to sell. You can set the alerts on/off. The Stochastic Oscillator and Average True Range (ATR) technic
              Smart AI for MT5
              2.95 (19)
              This is a fully automated trading advisor capable of working in two modes. In the "Standard" mode, the EA works according to a simplified scheme - the AI analyzes the chart of price fluctuations and waits for a favorable entry point to the market. Stop Loss, Take Profit and Trailing Stop levels in this mode are fixed and set depending on the specified values in the input parameters. In the "Expert" mode, the AI, in addition to price fluctuations, analyzes the values of several indicators and tak
              С этим продуктом покупают
              Индикатор МТ5, дающий сигналы для входа в сделки без перерисовки! Идеальные точки входа в сделки для  валют, крипты, металлов, акций, индексов !  Смотрите  видео  (6:22) с примером отработки всего одного сигнала, окупившего индикатор. Преимущества индикатора Сигналы на вход без перерисовки Если сигнал появился, он никуда НЕ исчезает! В отличие от индикаторов с перерисовкой, которые ведут к потере депозита, потому что могут показать сигнал, а потом убрать его. Безошибочное открытие сделок Алгор
              125 USD
              *Non-Repainting Indicator Arrow Indicator with Push Notification based on the Synthethic Savages strategy for synthethic indices on binary broker. Signals will only fire when the Synthethic Savages Strategy Criteria is met BUT MUST be filtered. Best Signals on Fresh Alerts after our Savage EMA's Cross. Synthethic Savage Alerts is an indicator that shows entry signals with the trend. A great tool to add to any chart.  Best Signals occur on Fresh Alerts after our Savage EMA's Cross + Signal
              98 USD
              Gold Stuff mt5
              Vasiliy Strukov
              5 (33)
              Gold Stuff mt5 - трендовый индикатор, разработанный специально для золота, также может использоваться на любых финансовых инструментах. Индикатор не перерисовывается и не запаздывает. Рекомендуемый тайм-фрейм H1.  Свяжитесь со мной после покупки! ПАРАМЕТРЫ Draw Arrow -   вкл.выкл. отрисовку стрелок на графике. Alerts -   вкл.выкл.звуковые оповещения. E-mail notification -   вкл.выкл. уведомления на почту. Puch-notification -   вкл.выкл. уведомления Push. Далее настройки цветовой гаммы.
              125 USD
              Индикатор определения тренда, дополнит любую стратегию, а также может использоваться как самостоятельный инструмент.  ВАЖНО! Свяжитесь со мной сразу после покупки, чтобы получить инструкции и бонус!  Преимущества Прост в использовании, не перегружает график не нужной информацией; Возможность использования  как фильтр для любой стратегии; Имеет встроенные уровни динамических поддержек и сопротивлений, что может использоваться как для фиксации прибыли, так и для установки стоп-лоссов; Индикатор не
              99 USD
              Индикатор тренда, революционное решение для торговли по трендам и фильтрации со всеми важными функциями инструмента тренда, встроенными в один инструмент! Наш индикатор был разработан трейдерами после 6 лет опыта в торговле, и с помощью только одного графика трейдер будет отслеживать тенденции всех рынков (Forex, индексы, товары, криптовалюта и т. Д.). Он будет генерировать сигналы форекс (сигналы сильного тренда, сигналы разворота тренда). Зайдя в наш блог , вы можете скачать бесплатную ве
              50 USD
              About Ace Supply Demand Zone Indicator The concept of supply demand trading rely on the quantity mismatching between buying and selling volumes in financial markets. Supply and demand zone serves as the good entry in our trading. It provides you the detailed trading plan + the risk management. Its ability to predict market direction is high. There are two distinctive points about Ace Supply Demand Zone Indicator. Firstly, Ace Supply Demand Zone indicator was built on the non-repainting and non
              100 USD
              Способ применения Pair Trading Station Рекомендуется использовать Pair Trading Station на таймфрейме H1 с любой валютной парой. Чтобы получить сигналы на покупку и продажу, следуйте указанным ниже инструкциям по применению Pair Trading Station в терминале MetaTrader. При загрузке Pair Trading Station на график индикатор оценит доступные исторические данные на вашей платформе MetaTrader для каждой валютной пары. В самой начале на графике отобразятся исторические данные, доступные для каждой валют
              280 USD
              Этот индикатор обнаруживает разворот цены зигзагообразно, используя только анализ ценового действия и канал Дончиана. Он был специально разработан для краткосрочной торговли, без перекраски или перекраски вообще. Это фантастический инструмент для проницательных трейдеров, стремящихся увеличить сроки своих операций. [ Руководство по установке | Руководство по обновлению | Устранение неполадок | FAQ | Все продукты ] Удивительно легко торговать Это обеспечивает ценность на каждом таймфрейме Ре
              299 USD
              Support And Resistance, технический индикатор для mt5, который определяет сильные зоны поддержки и сопротивления на основе гармонических паттернов и волатильности рынка. Зайдя в наш блог MQL5, вы можете скачать бесплатную версию индикатора. Попробуйте перед покупкой без ограничений тестера Metatrader. :  Кликните сюда Ключевая особенность Зоны динамической поддержки и сопротивления Автоматические зоны поддержки и сопротивления. Не перекрашивать зоны поддержки и сопротивления. Зоны ключево
              50 USD
              Индикатор Supply Demand использует предыдущее ценовое действие для выявления потенциального дисбаланса между покупателями и продавцами. Ключевым является определение зон с лучшими возможностями, а не просто вероятностей. Индикатор Blahtech Supply Demand обеспечивает функционал, не доступный ни в одной платформе. Этот индикатор 4 в 1 не только выделяет зоны с более высокой вероятностью на основе механизма оценки силы по множественным критериям, но также комбинирует его с мульти-таймфреймовым ана
              99 USD
              PipFinite Trend PRO MT5
              Karlo Wilson Vendiola
              4.86 (624)
              Стратегия пробоя для торговли по тренду, фильтрация и все необходимые функции, встроенные в один инструмент! Интеллектуальный алгоритм индикатора Trend Pro с точностью определяет тренд, отфильтровывает рыночный шум и генерирует входные сигналы и уровни выхода. Новые функции с расширенными правилами статистического расчета улучшают общую производительность этого индикатора. Важная информация Для максимального использования потенциала Trend Pro прочитайте полное описание www.mql5.com/en/blogs/
              98 USD
              Индикатор Elliott Wave Trend был разработан для научного подсчета волн на основе шаблонов и паттернов, впервые разработанных Чжон Хо Сео. Индикатор нацелен на максимальное устранение нечеткости классического подсчета волн Эллиотта с использованием шаблонов и паттернов. Таким образом индикатор Elliott Wave Trend в первую очередь предоставляет шаблон для подсчета волн. Во-вторых, он предлагает структурный подсчет волн Wave Structural Score, которые помогает определить точное формирование волны. Он
              200 USD
              Introduction to X3 Chart Pattern Scanner X3 Chart Pattern Scanner is the non-repainting and non-lagging indicator detecting X3 chart patterns including Harmonic pattern, Elliott Wave pattern, X3 patterns, and Japanese Candlestick patterns. Historical patterns match with signal patterns. Hence, you can readily develop the solid trading strategy in your chart. More importantly, this superb pattern scanner can detect the optimal pattern of its kind. In addition, you can switch on and off individua
              280 USD
              PipFinite Breakout EDGE MT5
              Karlo Wilson Vendiola
              4.83 (103)
              Преимущество, которого вам не хватает, чтобы стать профессионалом. Следуйте за пошаговой системой, которая обнаруживает самые мощные прорывы! Изучите рыночные модели, которые дают возможность получить значительную прибыль на основе проверенной и протестированной стратегии. Воспользуйтесь своим важным преимуществом Получите его здесь www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/723208 Версия надежного советника Автоматизируйте сигналы Breakout EDGE с помощью "EA Breakout EDGE" ссылка У вас есть доступ к
              98 USD
              TPA True Price Action indicator reveals the true price action of the market makers through 100% non-repainting signals strictly at the close of a candle! TPA shows entries and re-entries, every time the bulls are definitely stronger than the bears and vice versa. Not to confuse with red/green candles. The shift of power gets confirmed at the earliest stage and is ONE exit strategy of several. There are available now two free parts of the TPA User Guide for our customers. The first "The Basics"
              168 USD
              Сложно найти и дефицит по частоте, дивергенции являются одним из самых надежных торговых сценариев. Этот индикатор автоматически находит и сканирует регулярные и скрытые расхождения, используя ваш любимый осциллятор. [ Руководство по установке | Руководство по обновлению | Устранение неполадок | FAQ | Все продукты ] Легко торговать Находит регулярные и скрытые расхождения Поддерживает много известных генераторов Реализует торговые сигналы на основе прорывов Отображает подходящие уровни ст
              299 USD
              Телеграммы мне https://t.me/ArielfxWyckoff Как это работает? Wyckoff Wizard использует мультитаймфреймовый анализ. Проще говоря, индикатор отслеживает 2 таймфрейма. Старший таймфрейм и младший таймфрейм. Индикатор определяет тренд, анализируя поток и структуру ордеров на старшем таймфрейме (например, 4 часа). После определения тренда и потока ордеров индикатор использует предыдущую структуру рынка и ценовое действие для точного определения зон разворота с высокой вероятностью. После того, как зо
              75 USD
              Weis Wave with Alert MT5
              Panagiotis Diamantopoulos
              5 (8)
              ** NEW PLUTUS SIGNALS and ALL IN ONE ** Plutus Long and Short trading signals added (for more infor visit    http://www.tradethevolumewaves.com   Different Wave Types can be sellected. Choose what your cumulative Histogram diplays: Volume, Pips, Progressive Volume Rate, Time or Emphasized Volume Waves ** IF YOU PURCHASE DO NOT FORGET TO CONTACT ME BECAUSE THERE IS MORE. Free, two hour, one to one webinar covering setup , methodology and Q&A on any lifetime purchase. How to trade with it:   ht
              499 USD
              MT4 Version Available Here:   https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/43555 Telegram Channel & Group :  https://t.me/bluedigitsfx V.I.P Group Access:   Send Payment Proof to our Inbox Recommended Broker:   https://eb4.app/BDFXOsprey *All In One System Indicator, Breakthrough solution for any Newbie or Expert Trader! The BlueDigitsFx Easy 123 System makes it easy to identify important areas of market structure. It alerts you to changes in market structure which typically occur when a revers
              50 USD
              Pentagram MT5
              Andrey Ziablytsev
              5 (1)
              Автоматическая разметка графика моделями Пентаграмма. Данная модель основана на Модели Расширения из Тактики Адверза. Предназначена для определения тренда и прогнозирования возможных уровней и целей ценовой коррекции в будущем. Модель описывает развивающийся тренд. Тренд актуален до тех пор пока цена не пересекла линию тренда модели в обратном направлении. Уровни лучей пентаграммы, уровень НР, расстояния 100% и 200% от расстояния между точками 1-4,  уровня HP  есть возможные уровни коррекции или
              300 USD
              Breaking Pro MT5
              Tais Miranda Hoffmann
              5 (2)
              80% discount for the next 10 buyers A indicator to show saturation in buying or selling With fast and complex mathematical calculations Easily find saturation points for buying or selling Can be used in all symbols and time frames with many signals Can be combined with different indicators and different time frames With simple settings and simple working methods Features: Can be used on all symbols Can be used in all time frames Can be used in all markets   (Forex, stock, etc.) Large numb
              50 USD
              Индикатор является торговой системой для краткосрочной торговли. Scalper Assistant помогает определить направление сделки, а также показывает точки входа и выхода. Индикатор рисует две линии (возможные точки для открытия позиций). В момент пробоя верхней линии вверх   (и при выполнении всех торговых условий)   появляется стрелка вверх(сигнал на покупку), а также 2 цели. В момент пробоя нижней линии вниз   (и при выполнении всех торговых условий)   появляется стрелка вниз(сигнал на продажу)
              68 USD
              Этот индикатор является уникальным, высококачественным и доступным инструментом для торговли, включающим в себя наши собственные разработки и новую формулу. В обновленной версии появилась возможность отображать зоны двух таймфреймов. Это означает, что вам будут доступны зоны не только на старшем ТФ, а сразу с двух таймфреймов - таймфрейма графика и старшего: отображение вложенных зон. Обновление обязательно понравится всем трейдерам, торгующим по зонам спроса и предложения. пожалуйста, посетите
              128 USD
              An indicator for receiving a lot of signals Can be used in all time frames and all markets Trade professionally  using professional indicators yourself . Using this indicator, you will have a signal at any time. Do not miss any market movement. Get the signal very simply and clearly. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How it work:
              125 USD
              Introduction Advanced Price Pattern Scanner is the pattern scanner built upon our accumulative knowledge and insight from our financial market research many years. Advanced Price Pattern Scanner uses highly sophisticated pattern detection algorithm. However, we have designed it in the easy to use and intuitive manner. Advanced Price Pattern Scanner will show all the patterns in your chart in the most efficient format for your trading. Detectable Patterns Following pattern can be detected. Tri
              180 USD
              The 'Volume by Price' indicator can visualize the complex relations between volume, price and time in easy to interpret forms to setup basic or advanced compositions. Features Volume Profile histogram, opacity-based background, area and line chart. Market Profile (Time Price Opportunity) expandable letter- and block-based marker structure, area and line chart. Initial Balance. Volume by Time histogram and bubble chart, and Volume Weighted Average Price. Comprehensive composition object position
              150 USD
              Bollinger Bands Triple Strategy Scanner is a simple, powerful, and effective solution for trading   breakouts,   reversals, and trend following!  This is a Multi-currency, Multi-timeframe, and Non-Repainting Scanner designed to provide you trading signals and save you hours analyzing the charts. Main Features: Advanced all in one scanner that automatically detects trading opportunities for breakouts, reversals, & trend following using the Bollinger Band indicator Easily identify if the prices
              140 USD
              FX Power MT5
              Daniel Stein
              4.24 (21)
              FX Power - это первый измеритель силы в реальном времени с гистограммой в реальном времени. Он анализирует динамику и силу всех основных валют для определения сделок с высокой вероятностью. Если вы хотите узнать, как определить правильные торговые возможности для постоянной прибыльности и успеха, мы настоятельно рекомендуем изучить правила нашей ПРОСТОЙ ТОРГОВОЙ СИСТЕМЫ -> нажмите здесь, чтобы извлечь выгоду Основные характеристики FX Power Аналитические функции Рыночная сила всех основных вал
              75 USD
              Following the smart money is finally possible! FX Volume   is the FIRST and ONLY volume indicator   that provides a REAL insight into the market sentiment from a broker's point of view. It provides awesome insights into how institutional market participants, like brokers, are positioned in the Forex market, much faster than COT reports. Seeing this information directly on your chart is the real game-changer and breakthrough solution for your trading. Get more information, like FAQs, tradin
              75 USD
              The boom and crash spike indicator is a very powerful spike detecting software, with very awesome features, these features include. Continues spike Alert (for double or continuous spikes at a time) supports all Boom/crash Indices M1 time frame spike pointer. Bigger time frame trend pointer for Swing trading Place Stop-loss of trade at 8 to 10 candle sticks. 
              125 USD
              Другие продукты этого автора
              BeST_Hull Single MA Strategy is an Metatrader Indicator based on the famous indicator Hull Mov.Average . This indicator can display the Single HMA Strategy of just 1 Hull MAvg. It uses added internal filters locating the most likely Entries while it can be used as a standalone system or as an add-on to other ones. Generally the Hull Moving Average (HMA - developed by Alan Hull) is a directional trend indicator . It captures the current state of the market and uses recent price action to determi
              40 USD
              BeST_Hull MAs Directional Strategy is a Metatrader Indicator based on the corresponding Hull Moving Average.It timely locates the most likely points for Entering the Market as well as the most suitable Exit points and can be used either as a standalone Trading System or as an add-on to any Trading System for finding/confirming the most appropriate Entry or Exit points. This indicator does use only the directional slope and its turning points of Hull MAs to locate the Entry/Exit points while it
              40 USD
              BeST_Hull MAvgs Strategies_EA is an MT4 Expert Advisor based on the Market indicator named  BeST_Hull MAs Directional Strategy  and can make trades according to it or using only 1 HMA while it also applies all common Trade and Risk Management features. Generally the Hull Moving Average (HMA - developed by Alan Hull) is a directional trend indicator. It captures the current state of the market and uses recent price action to determine if conditions are bullish or bearish relative to historical d
              60 USD
              BeST_IFT of Oscillators Collection is a Composite MT4 Indicator   that is based on the IFT (Inverse Fisher Transformation) applied to RSI , CCI , Stochastic and DeMarker Oscillators in order to find the best Entry and Exit points while using these Oscillators in our trading. The IFT was first used by John Ehlers to help clearly define the trigger points while using for this any common Oscillator ( TASC – May 2004 ). All Buy and Sell Signal s are derived by the Indicator’s crossings of the Buy or
              40 USD
              BeST_Hull MAs Directional Strategy is a Metatrader Indicator based on the corresponding Hull Moving Average.It timely locates the most likely points for Entering the Market as well as the most suitable Exit points and can be used either as a standalone Trading System or as an add-on to any Trading System for finding/confirming the most appropriate Entry or Exit points. This indicator does use only the directional slope and its turning points of Hull MAs to locate the Entry/Exit points while it a
              40 USD
              BeST_Keltner Channels Strategies MT5   is an  MT5  Indicator based on the original Keltner Channels Indicator and it can display in the Chart all the known Variations of Keltner Channels and also the corresponding 10 totally Strategies. Every such generally consists of a Central Moving Average Line and two Boundary Bands at a distance above and below it and can be traded mainly in a Trending Mode but also in a Ranging ReEntry Mode.  BeST_Keltner Channels Strategies Indicator Draws definite Bu
              40 USD
              BeST_Gann Hi-Lo Strategy is an MT4 indicator that is based on the Gann Hi-Lo Activator the famous trend-following indicator that allow us to to enter a trade quite early while also stay in a trade as longer as we can for taking profit.While it is built of a moving average it helps traders determine the direction of the trends and to produce with-trend trading signals. This indicator is in fact a simple moving average of the highs and lows of the previous period. It follows the trends in the mar
              BeST_Oscillators Collection is a Composite MT5 Indicato r including the Chaikin ,  Chande and TRIX Oscillators from which by default Chaikin and TRIX Oscillators but not Chande Momentum Oscillator are contained in MT5 platform. It also provides for each Oscillator the option of displaying or not a Mov. Average as a  Signal Line and the resulting Signals as Arrows in a Normal (all arrows) or in a Reverse Mode (without showing up any resulting successive and of same type arrows). Analytically f
              BeST Oscillators Collection is a Composite MT4 Indicator including the  Chaikin,Chande  and TRIX Oscillators which by default are contained in  MT5  but not in  MT4 platform. It  also provides  the option of displaying or not a Mov. Avg. as a Signal   Line and the resulting Signals as Arrows in a Normal (all arrows) or in a Reverse Mode (without showing up any resulting successive and of same type arrows). Analytically for each one of the specific Oscillators: The Chaikin Oscillator ( CHO )   is
              BeST_ Classic Pivot Points is an MT4 Indicator that is based on the widely known and definitely classic Pivot Point of a market prices activity. A pivot point is calculated as an average of significant prices (high,low,close) from the performance of a market in the prior trading period. If the market in the following period trades above the pivot point it is usually evaluated as a bullish sentiment, whereas trading below the pivot point is seen as bearish. A pivot point and the associated suppo
              BeST DEMA
              Eleni Koulocheri
              3.33 (3)
              Double Exponential Moving Average ( DEMA ) is a moving  average (MA) that gives the most weight to recent price data.Like exponential moving average (EMA), it is more reactive to all price fluctuations than a simple moving average (SMA) and so DEMA can help traders to spot reversals sooner, because it is faster responding to any changes in market activity. DEMA was developed by Patrick Mulloy in an attempt to reduce the amount of lag time found in traditional MAs. ( TASC_Feb. 1994 ). DEMA can al
              BeST_Chande RAVI (Range Action Verification Index) is an MT4 Indicator that is based on the corresponding indicator developed by Tushar Chande which is mainly based on market momentum while focuses on identifying ranging and trending markets. By default RAVI is defined by the formula:  RAVI = Absolute value (100 x (SMA(7) – SMA(65)). Also by default there is an arbitrary reference level of 3% that means a market is ranging if the RAVI is less than 3%, or trending strongly if it is is greater t
              Variable Index Dynamic Average (VIDYA) developed by Tushar Chande  by default is contained in MT5 but not in MT4 platform and it is a dynamic EMA (Exponential Moving Average) that adjusts its Length (LB Period) automatically in response to Market Volatility originally measured through the Chande Momentum Oscillator(CMO). CMO value is used as the ratio to the smoothing factor of EMA ( The New Technical Trader by Tushar Chande and Stanley Kroll, John Wiley and Sons, New York, 1994). The higher th
              Triple Exponential Moving Average ( TEMA ) is a  moving   average (MA) that gives the  most weight to recent price data. TEMA is more reactive to  all price fluctuations than  a Simple Moving Average (SMA) or an Exponential Moving Average (EMA) or even a Double Moving Average (DEMA) and surely can help traders to spot reversals sooner because it responds very fast to any changes in market activity.  TEMA was developed by Patrick Mulloy in an attempt to reduce the amount of lag time found in trad
              BeST_Darvas Boxes is an MT4  Indicator based on the trading method developed in the 50’s by the Hungarian Nicolas Darvas . BeST_Darvas Boxes indicator draws the Top and the Bottom of every Darvas Box  that can be confirmed on the current Chart. draws Buy and Sell Arrows  for every confirmed Upwards or Downwards Breakout of the above levels. draws always only after the bar closing and so is non-repainting or backpainting . Note : Every customer who wants to have the older version v_1.75 with t
              40 USD
              BeST_Fibonacci Retracement Lines is an MT4 Indicator that by default is based on common  Fibonacci levels but it can also draw any 3 desired levels of Retracement or Support of a trending move. It can be used to identify pullback points but also additionally as a kind of a Trailing Stop . BeST_Fibonacci Retracement Lines indicator: • by default draws 38.2%, 50% and 61.8% Retracement Levels of the current price move defined using the Highest High (HH) and Lowest Low (LL) of a desired Look Back Pe
              40 USD
              BeST_Visual MAs Signal Generator  MT4 Indicator is a very  useful Visual Tool that can display in the Chart all ENTRY signals (BUY and SELL) and also any corresponding EXIT signal, based on a total of 12, common but also different trading strategies, in which the Entry and Exit Signals are derived exclusively by using Moving Averages (MAs). The two main groups of MAs Strategies included in this tool are: A) Crossover Signals This group includes 4 different strategies (A1-A4), where Entry and Exi
              40 USD
              BeST_Keltner  Channels Variations & Strategies   is an   MT4  Indicator based on the original  Keltner Channels Technical Analysis Indicator and it is a very useful Visual Tool that can display in the Chart all the known Variations of Keltener Channels and also the corresponding 10 totally Strategies   i.e. all ENTRY signals (BUY and SELL) and also any corresponding EXIT signal, in which the Enrty and Exit Signals are derived exclusively by using Keltner Channels Variations. Every variation of K
              40 USD
              BeST_Trend  Scanner is an MT4 Indicator that uses a proprietary algorithm   in order to identify the most likely levels and probable moment for an upside  or a downside trending price move. BeST_Trend  Scanner is a very useful tool that defines in advance and with a high statistical percentage of accuracy the subsequent Resistance & Support Levels of the anticipated upside or downside trending move of price and so When used at its Reverse Entries Mode : It generates Buy or Sell arrows at the
              40 USD
              BeST_Darvas Boxes EA is an MT4  Expert Advisor that is based on the most classic trading method developed  in the 50's by Nicolas Darvas  commonly known as The Darvas Boxes Trading System. The Original Darvas Boxes System can be found in details in his book "How I Made $2,000,000 In The Stock Market"  (Copyright 1960, by Nicolas Darvas). Although the original system was designed to trade only Stocks and to open only Long trades its trading principles can also be applied to many other Markets
              60 USD
              BeST_Chande TrendScore Indicator  points the start of a trend with high degree of  accuracy and it is amazing for scalping on the 1min timeframe. It is also a   simple way to rate trend strength. It indicates both the direction and strength  of a trend and can be easily combined with various trend-following, swing and scalping strategies. As of a trend’s direction and strength a value of +10 signals a strong uptrend while a value of -10 signals a strong downtrend. Generally a positive score show
              40 USD
              All those involved in trading do certainly know that Moving Average Crossovers for being tradable should be reliable and also they need to have minimal lag. BeST_Vervoort Zero Lagging MAs Strategy is a Metatrader Indicator that can help you to achieve it and is based on S.Vervoort's work about Reliable and of Zero Lag MAs Crossovers as described in his TASC_05/2008 article " The Quest For Reliable Crossovers ". It's a Multipotentiality Indicator as it can display of either simply the Zero Laggi
              40 USD
              BeST_Trend Exploiter is a Metatrader Indicator  based on a smart proprietary algorithm which can detect the market Median Trend while it filters out the noise providing Buy and Sell Signals and also wherever it is applicable it provides us with TP Levels of High Probability. Additionally as it has Built Inside all the necessary features it can be used as a Complete Strategy of very Impressive Results. Essential Advantages of the Indicator Clear and Easily Understandable trading rules. Real Time
              40 USD
              BeST_123 Strategy is clearly based on the 123_Pattern which is a frequent Reversal Chart Pattern of a very high Success Ratio . It occurs at the end of trends and swings and it’s a serious indication of high probability for a change in trend. Theoretically an 123_pattern is valid when the price closes beyond the level of #2 local top/bottom, a moment when the indicator draws an Entry Arrow,  raises an Alert and a corresponding Position can be opened. The BeST 123_Strategy Indicator is non-repai
              40 USD
              BeST_Profit Taker Exits is a Metatrader Indicator based on the corresponding vital part of Jim Berg's Trading System.It timely locates the most likely points/bars of significant Profit Taking and can be easily used as an add-on to any Trading System/Method . The Indicator consists of 2 Take Profit lines deriving as (MA ± times the ATR) usually the upper one above the prices (for Long Trades) and the lower one below prices (for Short Trades). When the Close (or High by choice) of a bar is above
              40 USD
              BeST_Breakout Strategy is a Metatrader Indicator based on a proprietary algorithm implementing a very powerful tool that can exploit every breakout leading to huge market movements. It timely locates the most likely points for Entering the Market as well as the most suitable Exit points and can be used successfully as a standalone Trading System which often results in huge profits accompanied by very impressive statistics like Success Ratio and Profit Factor.  The BeST_Breakout Strategy is
              60 USD
              BeST_ Elliot Wave Oscillator Strategies is an MT4 indicator which by default is the difference of two SMAs displayed as a histogram fluctuating around zero while a Signal Line generates Entry Signals either in a Reverse or in a Normal Mode and it is a very powerful tool that very often exploits huge market movements. Signal Line comes in 2 types: Advanced Get Type – like the corresponding one used in the homonym analysis package Mov. Average Type – as a Moving Average of the Elliot Oscillator I
              40 USD
              BeST_Keltner Channels Strategies  EA   is an MT4  Expert Advisor that is based on the method developed by Chester W. Keltner described in book “How To Make Money in Commodities” that  Keltner called it the ten-day moving average trading rule. Originally Keltner Channels uses for Central Line a 10-bars SMA of Typical Price and  the 10-bars Average Range (High - Low) with a multiplication factor of 1 for constructing the Boundary Bands. Later several known traders and authors have published modif
              60 USD
              BeST_RevEngEMARSI Strategy is an MT4 Indicator that is based on the indicator RevEngEMARSI by Giorgos Siligardos that was presented in his article " Reverse Engineering RSI (II) " ( TASC_Aug 2003 ) as a new variation of his inverse-RSI indicator and which transforms the Exponential moving average of RSI into a curve in the price graph, simplifying the price projection method and improving its visual representation. BeST_RevEngEMARSI Strategy while implementing the crossings with its Moving Aver
              40 USD
              BeST_ADX Scalping Strategy is an MT4 Strategy of an Entry and Exit Signals Indicator based on the ADX values that is an excellent tool for scalpers to scalp the currency market multiple times a day for profit . It is built mainly for scalping purposes although it can also be used as a breakout indicator . Its Signals produce a complete and standalone trading system of impressive results . The indicator comes with a new enhanced Real Time Updated Info and Statistics Panel that can improve its ov
              40 USD
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