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BeST Vervoort Zero Lagging MAs Strategy

All those involved in trading do certainly know that Moving Average Crossovers for being tradable should be reliable and also they need to have minimal lag.BeST_Vervoort Zero Lagging MAs Strategy is an Outstanding Indicator that can help you to achieve it and is based on S.Vervoort's work about Reliable and of Zero Lag  MAs Crossovers as described in his  TASC_05/2008  article  “The Quest For Reliable Crossovers”.It's a Multipotentiality Indicator as it can display of either simply the Zero Lagging MAs either up to the corresponding Complete Strategy of Impressive Results while it includes many Important Features Built Inside the same Tool.

This Amazing Indicator is clearly a Breakthrough Answer for Trading Moving Averages and Finding Fast and Remarkable Reliable Crossovers.You can Maximize the potential of  Zero Lagging MAs Strategy by using the new enhanced Comments Table of Real Time Updated Statistical Calculations that can improve the overall performance of this Product.Backtest the Indicator’s Demo Version and Fully Explore its Features and without doubt it will be one of the most useful tools of your trading arsenal.

Advantages of the Indicator

  • Clear and Easy trading rules.
  • New improved Complement of Real Time Updated Statistics Calculation Table.
  • Never repaints the Entry Points (Arrows).
  • Signals  are always on the "Close of the bar".
  • Runs in all symbols and timeframes.
  • Comes up with sound Metatrader alert, email and push notification.
  • Cooperative with Expert Advisor development.

Basic Trading Rules

Opening a Position

  • Enter a Signal if  the % Success Ratio is higher than 45% - 50% and at the same time the Total Trades Result for the Reporting Period (by default the last 150 bars) is more than 50 pips. Preferably use the less noisy H1 and H4 timeframes and make sure that the above applies to both timeframes.

Closing a Position


  • Exit a Long Position (BUY) on a new Sell Signal.
  • Exit a Short Position (SELL) on a new Buy Signal. 
Alternative Exits

  • Exit a Long Position (BUY) with Profit  at the Last Significant Support.
  • Exit a Short Position (SELL) with Profit  at the Last Significant Resistance.

Statistics Calculation Table

Initially reference is made to the basic Statistics of the Current Open Trade as of 

  • Type of Current Position (LONG or SHORT).
  • Number of bars already in the Current Trade.
  • Entry Price (it is the Open Price of the bar next to the Entry Signal).
  • Open Profit/Result in pips. 

Based on the Reporting Period (by default the last 150 bars but this is clearly adjustable) calculates in Real Time

  • The # of Buy and Sell Signals corresponding to the already closed reversed trades within that particular period with the exception of the current position and the total # of them (Buy & Sell Signals together).
  • The # of Buy Winning Trades and Sell Winning Trades and the resulting % Success Ratio (% Profitable).
  • The Total Profit (Result) of All Sell Trades in pips and also the same for All Buy Trades and the resulting the end up Total Trades Result (Buy & Sell Trades together). 


The Reporting Period is Always referring to the current last x bars counting them from the current bar (# of current bar = 0).

Input Parameters

Basic Settings

  • Select LB Period for Basic_TEMA
  • Select Price applied to Basic_TEMA
  • Select LB Period for Zero Lagging haTEMA (tema based on Heikin Ashi Closes)

Line and Chart Settings

  • For Selecting the Line Style, the Line Width, the Line Color of the above 2 TEMAs and to choose to Show or Not them on the Chart.
  • Also for Selecting to Change or Not the Background Color according to the Current Trade’s Type.
  • Bars for Calculating Statistics for selecting the number of bars used to calculate the Statistics.
  • Select Color of Vertical Line for Statistics Period
  • Show Comments or Not
  • Show Entry Price Level or Not
  • For Selecting the color of the Buy/Sell Price Line
  • Show Entry Prices Line or Not – for selecting to Show or Not the Continuous Line of Entry Price Levels of All Trades.

Arrows Settings

Alert Settings

For EA Developers

  • Buy Arrow    Buffer = 22
  • Sell Arrow     Buffer = 23

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