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BeST Trend Exploiter

BeST_Trend Exploiter is a Metatrader Indicator  based on a smart proprietary algorithm which can detect the market Median Trend while it filters out the noise providing Buy and Sell Signals and also wherever it is applicable it provides us with TP Levels of High Probability. Additionally as it has Built Inside all the necessary features it can be used as a Complete Strategy of very Impressive Results.

Essential Advantages of the Indicator

  • Clear and Easily Understandable trading rules.
  • Real Time Updated Trades’ Statistics Calculation Table.
  • Never repaints the Entry Points (Arrows) neither the TP Levels.
  • All Signals are always on the "Close of the bar".
  • Runs in all symbols and timeframes.
  • Comes up with sound Metatrader alert, email and push notification (for Entry and TP levels).
  • Cooperative with Expert Advisor development

Trading Rules

Enter a Trade

  • Enter a BUY or SELL Signal at the next Bar’s Opening.

Note: Preferably use the less noisy H4 or H1 timeframes.

Exit a Trade

  • Option_1: Exit all position with a profit or a loss at the next opposite Entry Signal in every case, regardless of the appearance or not of a TP level.
  • Option_2: Exit all position with profit at the 1st TP level if and wherever it occurs.
  • Option_3: Partial exit with profit at the 1st TP Level - if and wherever it occurs – and close the remaining position with additional profit at the 2nd TP - if it                     occurs- or anyway at the next opposite Entry Signal even with a loss.

Note: The next opposite Entry Signal is always the Stop Level either with a profit (TP) or with a loss (SL).

Input Parameters

  • Basic Settings 
    •  Select Look Back Period – the # of bars for calculating the Median Trend.
    •  Select TP Factor – for calculating the distance of the TP levels.

  • Displaying Settings - for selecting which chart objects and features to show / activate.
  • Graphical Settings - for selecting the color, size and distance of drawn objects.
  • Panel Settings - for selecting to show or not the panel and choosing its colors.
  • Alert Settings - for controlling the use of Entry and Exit alerts.

For EA Developers

  • Buy Arrow     Buffer = 4
  • Sell Arrow     Buffer = 5
  • TP Long         Buffer = 6
  • TP Short        Buffer = 7

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Версия 1.10 2019.05.15
Improving internal functions about Chart background color and trades’ type.