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EA The Time_v1.0

 is a fully automated Expert Advisor work with indicator MACD - SAR - SMA and AWESOME  with strategy Scalping and Swing and Grid

and i have other products can be found here: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/ahmedyacout/seller

and the Youtube Chanel for more video Back test expert 


The Web Site Coming soon

General Recommendations

  1. The minimum deposit is 1000$ or 20$ With cent account 
  2. leverage from 1:100 to 1:2000 if the leverage 1:500 its good
  3. use the default settings its more safe 
  4. in default settings max orders 25 you can change  to 20 or 30 as you need for more safe or small Balance
  5.  if you have broker with good execution and with a spread of 2-5 points its good .
  6. Use VPS to give good profit 
  7. Download Demo And Test
  8. Set Default Setting for 4 symbol 
  9. Best Time frame:
  • 15 Min for EUR/USD - GBP/USD
  • 30 Min for USD/JPY - AUD/USD
  • 1 Hours For safe trading in up 4 symbol Backtest 4 years 

Input parameters

  • Position_percent = 75  this option to can expert close have order and tack have profit 
  • Profit_T = 3$ Closed all order open when A.C profit 3$ 
  • Profit_L = 2$ For One order 
  • Trail_Points = 1000 Additional service for profit making, but I do not recommend using it or changing it
  • Trail_Step = 1000 Additional service for profit making, but I do not recommend using it or changing it
  • Magic Number - if you need open more than one chart for symbol you can chance this number and open more than one
  • Maximam Trade Duration = 150  its max day stay the order and cancel after this day 
  • MM_Percent = 5 its percentage for Risk 5%  
  • Max spread = 10 its pip between 10 Buy and Sell 
  • Audible_Alert- (True or False ) for alert when make tick order open or close 
  • Max Order = 25   maximum lot size for the EA operation.
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