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STPAOS is an automated trading advisor. The advisor programmatic functionality has been customized for a safe trading strategy with the trend, the essence of which is to close the transaction while achieving a positive profitability ratio of several points, which gives the buyer the opportunity to minimize the loss of funds from the opening of losing trades. Advisor is equipped with special software installations and utilities that help to achieve a positive indicator of trade profitability.
The adviser's work manual consists in initiating parallel processes of systemic aggregation of transactions into a certain information flow and instantly filtering valid entry and exit points using a special integrated macro (or using indicators), which allows the user to ensure a positive quantitative ratio of profitable transactions through regulation to unprofitable, and, by reducing costs to a minimum, to achieve positive dynamism in profitability.
The Expert Advisor does not use the martingale strategy and similar strategies of phased multiplication of the lot, with an emphasis on minimizing the risks of trading in the minus and loss of the deposit as a whole.
Special features
• The functional adaptability of the advisor allows you to configure it on any currency pair and on any timeframe.
• Advisor software allows it to work with any leverage.
• Advisor can work on any brokerage sites.
Recommendations from the manufacturer
• The recommended deposit is any, the main thing is to select the volumes accordingly.
• Recommended leverage any
• The manufacturer recommends using the basic settings.
Alessandro Manchini
Alessandro Manchini 2019.04.04 12:10 

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