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Bolensia is a fully automated scalper trading advisor. The structure of the augmented macro settings of the adviser was developed for trading using the safe scalping strategy based on opening short-term trades and closing them when a small progressive indicator of profitability dynamism is reached, which allows the user to minimize losses from opening losing trades. The expert advisor integrates special program parameters and utilitarian microtasks, reducing software processes and helping the user to achieve maximum trade efficiency.
The Expert Advisor functions according to a certain manual, the essence of which is to aggregate potential transactions into a special channel, induce information flow with subsequent bifurcation on the basis of profitability in the market conditions by means of a special installation of reduced extrapolation of the influence of conjuncture and filtering valid entry and exit points using the software advisor to the team, which gives the buyer the opportunity, through regulation, to provide a positive correlation of quantitative indicators of profitable trades are unprofitable, ensuring an exponential dynamics of net profit growth.
Bolensia does not use the martingale strategy and other strategies for gradually increasing the multiplicity of the lot in favor of trade security and the absence of high risks of profit rollback and loss of deposit due to opening losing trades with multiplied lots.
Special features
• Advisor, due to its adaptation capabilities, can be configured for any currency pair and any timeframe.
• Multifunctionality allows the adviser to work on any brokerage floor.
• Advisor can work with any leverage

Recommendations from the manufacturer
• Recommended deposit of $ 3000
• Recommended leverage is 1: 500
• The manufacturer recommends using the basic settings.
German Novitskiy
German Novitskiy 2019.03.31 13:03 

Trading with this expert is some sort of pleasure. Super, Vladislav!