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Bellar is a fully automated trading advisor. The settings of the adviser were customized and generated for trading using a safe scalping strategy, which implies opening short-term trades and exiting them with a positive progression of the profitability index of several points, which allows the buyer to minimize the leakage of funds from opening negative-yield trades.
The advisor’s method of operation is based on initiating a series of sequential processes: aggregating a diversified number of potential transactions into a special channel and then transforming them into a special information flow, internal calibration of transactions in terms of eventuality and validity using a trend verifier and filtering entry and exit points due to a special software installation, integrated into the advisor (or indicators). After such implicit approbation, a signal is sent to the adviser to open the transaction, and then close it. The combination of such functions allows the user, through regulation, to ensure a positive correlation of winning trades to losing ones, and to achieve an exponential growth in the rate of return.
Bellar does not use the martingale strategy and other strategies based on multiplying the lot, preferring trade security and the absence of high risks of profit rollback or loss of deposit.
• The adviser has integrated the adaptability function, which allows it to be configured for any currency pair and for any timeframe.
• The multi-functionality of the advisor allows it to function on any brokerage sites.
• Advisor can work on any leverage.
Recommendations from the manufacturer

• Recommended deposit 1000$

• Recommended leverage is 1: 500
• The manufacturer recommends using the basic settings.
aalnassar78 2019.06.21 08:48 

i have used it for one month i lose 200 $ i didn't recommended it

Alessandro Manchini
Alessandro Manchini 2019.05.18 21:37 

Great product, very pleased with the result. I can confidently recommend an expert for a good income.

Ricardo Alto
Ricardo Alto 2019.05.18 00:49 

All i can say is wow! Expert shows amazing profit significatives. I recomend it for all traders and users, purchase of this expert is a chanse to make money. Thank you for this valid product, Vladislav!

German Novitskiy
German Novitskiy 2019.05.14 17:09 

I've bought BELLAR recently and statistics make me happy. It is pleasure to view a profit growth. Many respects!