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ENSAC is a fully automated Expert Advisor, built on a scalping strategy that involves closing a deal while achieving a small, but sufficient profitability indicator, which allows the user to minimize the leakage of funds from opening losing trades. The Expert Advisor is multi-functional and does not require a specific type of account for normal operation.
The mechanism of the Expert Advisor is designed so that, before opening a transaction, instant implicit filtering is carried out thanks to the Accelerator Oscillator and Stochastic indicators, which, given the correct and practical settings, allows the buyer to level the number of unprofitable and unproductive transactions. * Advisor has a large number of internal regulators, software settings and special codes that help to trade safely and productively.
ENSAC does not use the Martingale strategy and derivative strategies for incremental increase of the lot, which protects the buyer from the risk of losing the deposit or most of the profit due to a loss-making deal with an increased lot.
Special features
• As it was written above, ENSAC is a multifunctional advisor, so it can be configured for any currency pair.
• Free choice of timeframe for trading
• Advisor software settings allow the user to work with any leverage
• Advisor is able to work with any leverage and on any brokers

Recommendations from the manufacturer
• The recommended deposit is $ 3000. The Expert Advisor has special mechanisms and software installations that most correctly perform their functions with this deposit.
• The manufacturer recommends the use of basic settings, as they are refined and derived from multiple trials and experiments.
• Recommended leverage is 1: 500
Alessandro Manchini
Alessandro Manchini 2019.03.16 21:27 

a good expert, I like, the yield for the month showed 15%

German Novitskiy
German Novitskiy 2019.03.11 16:08 

I've bought ENSAC lately and i'm really glad. It worth it. Expert provides a large profit increase. If you want to raise your profit from trading, ENSAC is an exactly what you need. It feels the influence of market conditions greatly and adapts on it. Respect to maker, nice product!