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CAP Equity Guard EA MT5

The CAP Equity Guard is an expert advisor that constantly monitors the equity of your trading account and prevents costly drawdowns. The CAP Equity Guard EA is a useful tool for money managers. When an emergency procedure takes place, you are notified by visual, email and push alerts.

The EA performs the following tasks:

  • It monitors your entire trading account.
  • Easy to use. Just drag it to a random empty chart.
  • It will work perfectly, if MetaTrader 4 restarts.
  • It can work with your existing EA.
  • Visual, mail and push alerts.
  • It can remove your external EA after target equity is hit.

How to Use

Let us give you an example of how CAP Equity Guard works.

Attach EA to any blank Chart when you don't have any existing trade. For example, your equity is 1000$ and you set EA's input 'Profit Type=In Currency' and 'Profit Value=5.0'. You start trading by manual or any other EA. When your current equity gain is 5$ (mean total equity 1005$), EA will close all trade and record new equity now 1005$. Again your equity gain 5$ from last recorded equity, EA trigger and close all trade. EA use global variable to record previous equity, so if your MT4 close or your VPS restart, EA will restore recorded equity from global variable.

Input Parameters


  • Stop EA: if true, EA will stop
  • Profit Type: Select Profit Type
  1. In Currency: Profit in currency.
  2. In Percent: Profit in percentage base on account equity.
  • Profit Value: Set your profit value. When your 'Profit Type=In Currency', this value is considered as currency, otherwise considered as percentage value.
  • Loss Type: Select Loss Type
    1. In Currency: Loss in currency.
    2. In Percent: Loss in percentage base on account equity.
  • Loss Value: Set your loss value.


  • Close all Open Trades: if TRUE, EA will close all active trade.
  • Delete all Pending Orders: if TRUE, EA will delete all pending orders.
  • Disable External Other EA: if TRUE, EA will remove your external EA after target profit/loss is hit. But to do that you have to configure other settings properly. Click here to know details on how EA work with External EA.
  • EA Stop After Trigger: Select type, how long EA stop after trigger.
    • None: EA will not stop. It runs again after trigger.
    • Stop EA For X-Minute: EA will stop for X-Minute then runs again.
    • Stop EA For This Day: EA will stop for whole day. Next day EA run again.
    • Stop EA For Until Reset EA: EA will stop until you remove EA and attach again.
  • X_Minute: Put how long EA will stop after trigger. Value are minutes.
  • External_Chart_ID: Put External Chart ID (multiple values separated by commas).
  • Template_Remove_Name: Remove EA's template name (multiple values separated by commas).
  • Restore External EA After Trigger: if TRUE, EA will restore your external EA after Equity EA is working again.
  • Template_Restore_Name: Restore EA's template name (multiple value separated by commas).


  • Enable Pop-Up Alerts: Enable text alert.
  • Enable Sound Alerts: Enable sound alert.
  • Send Email Alert: Enable email alert.
  • Send Mobile Notifications: Enable mobile notifications.


  • Slippage: Set your trading slippage.


1. Attach EA when you have no existing orders.

2. EA work with equity gain or loss. If you deposit/withdraw money when your trade is open and Equity guard EA working, then EA will consider as equity gain/loss and trigger. Example: you set equity profit 5$ and your record equity was 1000 so EA's target equity is 1005$. Now you have five open trade and floating loss is -50$. At this time you deposit new fund 100$ and your current equity is (Previous Equity (1000)+Floating Profit/Loss (-50)+New Fund (100)=1050). In this scenario your new equity is bigger than your target equity. So EA will close all trade. But originally you have loss of 50$. To avoid this type of situation, my recommendation is don't deposit or withdraw money when you have trade. If there is no trade you can deposit or withdraw money, there is no problem. In case you need deposit or withdraw money follow below:

  1. Stop EA by input setting.
  2. Deposit/Withdraw Fund.
  3. Modify your record equity input value.
  4. Run EA by click EA status button again.


Mohammad Ali, technical analyst and speculator, software engineer and founder of Capilta Business Solutions.‌

Ricardo Dacosta
Ricardo Dacosta 2020.05.26 09:59 

Please be aware that this Equity Guard EA is limited to disabling 12 open charts only. According to developer the max number of input characters on MQL5 limits the total number of open charts to disabled/enable to only 12. Such issue is not mentioned in the description. Not worth the purchase with such limitation

Versão 5.0 2020.07.04
-->Minor Update
Versão 4.20 2019.11.12
-->New Input add
---> Equity Reset Type - Currently equity will reset when you have no open order. But in this version new input come you can have option how equity will be reset. there two option
1. When No Order- when you have no order equity will be reset.
2. When Trigger Hit- equity will be not reset until equity trigger will be hit (any profit or loss hit)
Versão 4.0 2019.02.25
-->Minor improvements internal coding.
-->Nothing change product logic.