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Fibox4 indicator displays Fibonacci Retracement, Pivot Point, and many other useful information for analysis. The interface is improved by providing clickable button on chart to switch on/off daily, weekly, monthly, yearly swing retracement level.

In addition, fibox displays Margin Currently Used. It is a portion of your account equity allocated as a margin deposit for each currency pair.

Additional information regarding margin is Margin Requirement for each currency pair. Useful information to calculate your next trade you decide to make.

takashi hasebe
takashi hasebe 2019.03.31 10:03 

very good

pepimz 2015.11.20 13:08 

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Versión 4.24 2018.08.30
friendly interface
Versión 4.23 2015.09.18
Line colors can be changed
Versión 4.21 2015.06.17
Separate Window