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Square dashboard

Square Dashboard is a new generation indicator that has the task of simplifying the technical analysis of the market and speeding up access to the charts.

The logic of this indicator is really simple but effective, you can observe the daily, weekly and monthly opening values.

The confluence of these values leads to the generation of the warning, red to identify bearish conditions, green to identify bullish conditions, while the gray color identifies the lateral condition.

Having the whole market in one chart is really a great help. Looking at all the currencies, the indices and the commodities able you to better understand the directional dynamics and the various correlations.

This Dashboard in its simplicity proves a valid ally for a professional and efficient operating model.

Input Values

    • Updade mode
      • Every X seconds
      • On new Tick
    • Resizing mode (2 modalities)
    • PositiveColor
    • NegativeColor
    • NoColor
    • TextColor
    • Symbol prefix
    • Symbol suffix
    • 50 symbols
    • New Chart Period
    • Open_In_A_New_Chart: if true open a new chart
    • Template to apply: choise your favourite template to apply to chart
    • Apply symbol clicked to ALL charts: if true apply the symbol to ALL chart opened

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